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Training School on Critical Methods for Security Studies

3 March 2011 (All day) - 4 March 2011 (All day)

The training school will develop a methodological discussion and training with critical security studies. Focusing on what methods can bridge the existing gap between theoretical innovation and empirical research, critical research and critical methodology will be considered in conjunction, as mutually dependent rather than as isolated entities.

The training school will take place in March 2011 and further details will be posted here in due course.


Thursday, 3 March 2011

Report on Cluster 5- Genealogies, History, Time - Chris Zebrowski  
Report on Cluster 1- Visuality - Juha Vuori    
Report on Cluster 2-Mapping -Christian Olsson
Report on Cluster 3-Materiality -Owen Thomas   
Report on Cluster 4-Situated Knowledges -Bruno Magalhaes, Stephan Scheel, Christian Beuger 

Introduction: De-Centering Anthropos in Bosnia- Martin Coward,
The Genealogies of Kettling (Genealogy Cluster) - Sven Ospitz
The use of Social Network Analysis (SNA) in the "fight against terrorism’ (Mapping Cluster)- Victoria Loughlan, Christopher Alderson 

Airport Infrastructure: Securing Mobility (Materiality)- Eva Herschinger
Images of the War on Terror (Visuality Cluster)- Can Mutlu
Somali Piracy and Discussion (Situated Knowledges)- Christian Beuger, Lara Coleman
Chair - Jef Huysmans   

Friday, 4 March 2011

Video of Keynote Lecture Discipline and Pacify - Mark Neocleous  Chair - Jef Huysmans  



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