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Description - Method 3: Discourses and materialities

This methodological cluster looks at the relations between discourses and materialities. By exploring different conceptualizations of discourses and materialities, we wish to create a methodological vocabulary/grammar and develop critical methods in particular contexts and sites. Some of these sites include the constitution of counter-terrorism through the governance of crowded places and through (de)listing of so-called terrorist suspects, the constitution of subjectivity in contemporary border and human (in)security practices. We also explore the role of materiality in the constitution of subjectivity, in the circulation of knowledge, and the relationality of scales and spaces.

At this stage, we are organizing our debate around the following questions:

  • How can one grasp and study materialities, discourses, and their relation?
  • How do discourses/materialities travel?
  • How are subjectivities constituted through materialities and discourses?
  • How does this play out in different contexts and sites?

Method coordinator

Owen Thomas,