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LiDU (Literacy in the Digital University)


The aims of this seminar series are to:
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  • Bring together researchers and practitioners from the learning research, teaching, study support, and library communities of colleges, universities and other contexts of post-school education in the UK to contribute to the development of a research agenda for literacy development in these sectors.

  • Disseminate awareness of ongoing research in this field, via the seminars and the maintenance of a series website and blog, electronic publication of papers produced for the seminars, summaries of discussions held during the series, presentation and publication of conference papers related to the seminars, and publication of an edited print collection of papers once the series is over.

  • Critically evaluate teaching and learning practice in contexts of digital communication, bringing together perspectives from applied linguistics and technology-enhanced learning.

  • Develop new thinking and methodologies for researching digital practices as literacy. In particular to develop new approaches to studying the social and technical profiles of 'digital university' students, develop new ways of doing research that address challenges to accepted research ethics and cultures from the use of visual knowledge practices amongst young people entering the research professions, and develop new approaches to research into academic practices in ways that are reflective and reflexive in relation to our own emerging literacy practices.