About the project

Led by the Open University, in collaboration with the University of Oxford and King’s College London, Making Britain is an inter-disciplinary research project which examines the formative contributions South Asians made to Britain’s literary, political and cultural life in the period 1870–1950. Funded by the AHRC and supported by a number of distinguished partners and academic advisors, the project examines how South Asians positioned themselves within British society and culture, and explores the significance of their impact on British life. It traces some of the key historical links and cultural exchanges between South Asians and Britons, whilst also exploring the tensions that arose from such encounters.

The Making Britain project held a number of events during its initial three-year phase, including workshops, a major international conference and two exhibitions. The people associated with the project are as follows. Please see the project website for more information about the project and details about their roles:

Principal Investigator
Professor Susheila Nasta

Professor Elleke Boehmer

Dr Ruvani Ranasinha

Research Associates
Dr Rehana Ahmed
Dr Sumita Mukherjee
Dr Florian Stadtler

Advisory Committee
Dr Richard Bingle
Penny Brook
Professor Lyn Innes
Professor Partha Mitter
Dr Deborah Swallow
Dr Sarah V. Turner
Dr Rozina Visram

The British Library

Project Coordinator
Heather Scott

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