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About the OpenScience Laboratory

Welcome to Open Science!

The Open University are developing The OpenScience Laboratory, an online laboratory for practical science teaching, funded through a £1m grant awarded by the Wolfson Foundation.

Guided by rigorous research, the laboratory will inspire students and transform access to the world of science.  As well as housing existing Open University practical science applications we are developing new applications using cutting-edge technology.

Some of the experiences available will include

  • remote access to laboratories and observatories: students can operate real physical equipment controlled remotely – a method already established in astronomy
  • virtual laboratories and instruments, such as the virtual microscope: interactive screen experiments will include photo-realistic recordings of physical experiments and replicate the behaviours of real specimens
  • online field investigations: these can involve electronic access to a conventional field trip or offer a virtual experience using satellite-borne and remotely-operated sensors
  • citizen science: a distributed way of gathering data, where non-professionals collect or process data as part of a scientific enquiry. This data can be combined to offer new insights.

The laboratory will provide online access to data from real physical instruments and equipment – not only to OU students but to students across the globe.

The Open Science Laboratory welcomes partnerships

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