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Asks: “what is information?” and considers the types of information that we use in everyday life and for studies. Recommended duration: 1 hour

Looks at where information comes from and goes to; how it gets categorised and spread around, and where you may find it. Recommended duration: 1 hour

Looks at how to think about information in ways that will allow you to create a search strategy, and use it to access catalogue and database resources. Recommended duration: 1-2 hours

Looks at the practice of searching - on and offline - and how to use different electronic search tools and techniques. Recommended duration: 2-3 hours

Asks how information can be evaluated for quality and why this needs to be done, and suggests a tool to do this. Recommended duration: 2-3 hours

Explores why information needs organising and ways of doing this using tools and techniques, including referencing, bibliographies, social bookmarks etc. Recommended duration: 1-2 hours

Prepares you for planning how you will implement lessons from your Safari in order to gather and share information of relevance to your studies, and maintain a working knowledge of developments in your subject area. Recommended duration: 2-2.5 hours

Follow the About Safari link if you would like to know more about how Safari works. Rollover or follow the links below to learn about Skills in Accessing, Finding & Reviewing Information, or to take up the trail again.

Section 1-Understanding Media Section 2-Unpacking information Section 3-Planning a search Section 4-Searching for information Section 5-Evaluating information Section 6-organising information Section 7-Where do I go from here
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