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Organising information


The links below will take you to resources that explain the importance of organising information. You can find out about tools to help you organise your references. You will find the resources on this page especially useful if you are involved in project work or literature reviews for Tutor Marked Assessments (TMAs).

Being digital activities

Avoiding plagiarism (4 minutes)
Short introductory podcast explaining how you can avoid plagiarism by developing your skills.
Introduction to referencing (10 minutes)
Find out what referencing is, why it is important, and what's involved in doing it.
Recognising plagiarism (10 minutes)
Short introduction to the forms plagiarism can take.
Referencing books (10 minutes)
Find out how to reference books in your writing and in your reference list.
Referencing ejournals (10 minutes)
Find out how to reference ejournals in your writing and in your reference list.
Referencing module texts (10 minutes)
Find out how to reference module texts in your writing and in your reference list.
Referencing websites (10 minutes)
Find out how to reference websites in your writing and in your reference list.
Selecting the right online tools (5 minutes)
Learn how to select the right online tool with confidence.
What plagiarism feels like (5 minutes)
Introduction to the consequences of plagiarism in academic and working life.

Library activities (requires an OUCU)

Using social media for research (Level 1: 30 minutes)
This activity will introduce you to a range of social media tools and help you to judge which are best for your purposes.
Organising information (Level 2: 45 minutes)
Learn why it’s important to organise information and reference correctly.
Organising and synthesising literature (Level 3: 1 hour)
Learn how to organise material retrieved from a literature search into themes, and to synthesise material from a variety of sources into a coherent argument.
Producing an annotated bibliography (Level 3: 40 minutes)
An annotated bibliography is a list of references with an assessment of their value. Learn how to create one in this activity.

Further activities

Avoiding plagiarism (Library Videos) (2 minutes)
Bob discovers what plagiarism is and how he can avoid it. Transcript available.
Finding information for your assignment (1 hour)
Guidance on the key steps in finding information for your assignment.
Keeping up-to-date (20 minutes)
Guidance on how to keep up to date in your subject area.

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