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3-Planning a search

Topic 5    World Wide Web

What do you think about the web?

The internet is a worldwide network of interconnected computers and all the world's publicly accessible websites (and other information sources that web browsers can access) constitute the part of it known as the ‘World Wide Web ’. These generate strong opinions. Look at these quotations, for example,

‘The Net is a waste of time, and that's exactly what's right about it.’

Quote from William Gibson, science fiction writer.

‘The internet will do for personal networking what the microcomputer did for personal computing.’

Source: ‘Internet to grow ten-fold by year 2000 – claim.’
Internet Business News, Jan 1 1995.

‘By the year 2003, every person on the planet could be on the net. At this point the prime use of the internet will not be surfing, cruising or riding – it will be learning.’

Source: ‘All human life is here...’
The Herald (Glasgow), Dec 20, 1994.


Spend five minutes jotting down the first things that spring to mind when you see the term ‘World Wide Web ’. Have you used it? Have you thought about using it for your work, or your studies? If you have used it, how did you get on? Did it help? How? How did it not?

In our experience, using the World Wide Web can enable us to reach new information we would not find elsewhere but it can also be frustrating as we do so.


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