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7-Where do I go from here

Topic 2    Sharing information – your networks

Sharing your knowledge of a subject with other people is something that you probably do every day without thinking. You might do it on a very formal basis by completing an assignment or writing an article for a journal. You might do it on a more informal basis, either by contributing to an online class discussion board or mailing list, or even by discussing your work with friends and family. In sharing your work with others you are probably also learning new things that will contribute to your future work. To understand how you might maintain and develop your information sharing skills during and after your studies, let’s think first about the groups you belong to and the kind of sharing that you do with them. Make a list of groups – formal and informal – that you belong to and share your work with. Also note down the kinds of information sharing that you do with each one. Now, go to the next page to see how we will map these links.


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