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Unpacking information


These resources will help you to understand where information comes from, how it is generated and how it reaches you as a consumer. You will also find out why organising and categorising information is important, and how this can help to find different types of information.

Being digital activities

Finding hidden information online (10 minutes)
Strategies for fast filtering of results when searching the web.
Information universe (10 minutes)
Save time and get better results by learning how to focus on the category of information best suited to the purpose of your search.
Selecting the right online tools (5 minutes)
Learn how to select the right online tool with confidence.
Target your Google search (10 minutes)
Find relevant information quickly using Google's advanced search options.
Using Wikipedia (5 minutes)
Many of us use Wikipedia to find out information, but how far can you trust it? This activity provides some guidelines to help you approach it with discernment.

Library activities (requires an OUCU)

Finding out about databases (Level 1: 20 minutes)
This short activity explains how databases can be useful to you and what sources are available to you via the OU Library.
Where does scientific information come from? (Level 1: 30-45 minutes)
Learn how scientific research is communicated to the public, and about the different types of information involved.
Evaluating the quality of information (Level 2: 1 hour)
This activity will help you to understand what is meant by ‘the quality of information’ and evaluate the quality of information.

Further Activities

Explore library resources (10 minutes)
A collection of short videos introducing you to the rich variety of online resources provided by OU Library Services. Choose the subject you are interested in. Transcripts are available.
Getting started with the online library (2 minutes)
Short video introduction to the Open University online library and its resources. Transcript available.
Finding information for your assignment (1 hour)
Guidance on the key steps in finding information for your assignment.

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