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Where do I go from here?


If you have worked through all the resources suggested on this site, you will be aware of the skills needed to understand, categorise, find, evaluate, organise and present information. You will also realise that as well as being useful "now and in the future" for any academic study or structured learning, these skills can be very useful in everyday life. So, the next challenge is how to maintain and develop these skills, especially when you are not actually taking modules that involve you in using those skills. You may be thinking 'where do I go from here?' This section will direct to resources that will help you answer this question.

Being digital activities

Communicating online (10 minutes)
How to get the best out of the contact you have with others online and avoid misunderstandings.
Keeping up-to-date using blogs (10 minutes)
How to find reliable blogs that will help you to keep up-to-date with your specialist interests.
Keeping up-to-date using online networking (10 minutes)
Learn how online networks can help you keep up-to-date and how to choose an appropriate network for your needs.
Keeping up-to-date using RSS (10 minutes)
RSS makes it easier and quicker to keep up-to-date with the latest news, articles and blogs.
Making the most of Twitter (10 minutes)
How to make the most of Twitter for your purposes.
My digital identity (5 minutes)
Be aware of who your audience is when posting in online spaces, and learn the basics of presenting yourself effectively.
Selecting the right online tools (5 minutes)
Learn how to select the right online tool with confidence.
Social networking: is it for me? (10 minutes)
Decide if social networking is for you, and select the most approriate networking site.
Writing a good tweet (10 minutes)
Learn how to write a good tweet and make a good impression on Twitter.
Writing online (10 minutes)
Introduction to the principles of effective writing online.

Library activities (requires an OUCU)

Using Google Scholar to search for information (Level 3: 40 minutes)
Google Scholar aims to provide a single search facility for scholarly information; this activity shows you how to set it up and search it.
Keeping up-to-date (Level 3: 30 minutes)
Provides an overview of how to keep up to date in your subject area
Citation searching (Level 3: 30 minutes)
A citation search starts from a key article, author or book and finds other articles that have included it in their bibliographies. Learn about and practise this key skill.
Group work online in an asynchronous space (Level 3: 30 minutes)
This activity explores how to collaborate with other students in an online space, as part of a group work activity

Further activities

Explore library resources (10 minutes)
A collection of short videos introducing you to the rich variety of online resources provided by OU Library Services. Choose the subject you are interested in. Transcripts are available.
Getting started with the online library (2 minutes)
Short video introduction to the Open University online library and its resources. Transcript available.
Podcasting in plain English (3 minutes)
Short video by Commoncraft providing a quick introduction to podcasting.
RSS in plain English (3 minutes)
Short video by Commoncraft. Find out how you can use rss to save time by having information come to you.
What is the online library (2 minutes)
Bob discovers the Open University's online library, which gives you access to thousands of up-to-date online articles and books. Transcript available.
Keeping up-to-date (20 minutes)
Find out how to keep up-to-date with your specialist interests.

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