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We have extensive experience of working with collaborators and clients globally, offering cutting edge expertise in environmental- and geo-analysis and access to state-of-the art facilities.


The Geology laboratories suppport research in Earth Sciences and include:


The Ecosystems laboratories are an integrated resource supporting researchers across the STEM faculty. They are fully equipped for experimentation, preparation and analysis of a wide range of environmental samples. Materials analysed include soil, water and waste-water, atmospheric gases, plants, compost and biodegradable wastes. The laboratories comprise:


The Microbiology Laboratories support two distinct research areas; environmental monitoring, and life in extreme environments.


We also work closely with the Ar/Ar and Noble Gas Laboratory based in the School of Physical Sciences.

If you have any questions or want to find out more about our Facilities, please contact the Ecosystems Laboratory Manager, Graham Howell, or the Earth and Environment Laboratory Manager, David Johnson.


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