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We have extensive experience of working with collaborators and clients globally, offering cutting edge expertise in environmental- and geo-analysis and access to state-of-the art facilities, which include:

We are partners in Research Council funded projects in the UK, Ireland, Turkey, and many that are currently under consideration for funding. We work extensively within the areas of petroleum and metals exploration, archaeology, waste management and environment and the construction industry. We also provide a service for Geological Surveys and museums.

We offer integrated solutions to earth and environmental questions as a one-stop-shop:

• Sample collection from the field or core facilities.
• Solid sample preparation: cutting, crushing, powdering, thin and polished section preparation, resin-mounting
• High quality photography of solid samples
• Virtual Microscope construction
• Petrography
• Chemical characterisation of solid or liquid samples: major and trace elements
• Non-destructive chemical analysis of solid samples by Electron Microprobe
• Scanning Electron Imaging of solid samples
• Major and trace element mapping of solid samples
• Isotopic Analysis of solid or liquid samples: Re, Os, Rb, Sr, noble gases
• Age dating of solid samples: Ar/Ar, Rb-Sr, Re-Os, U-Th
• Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur analysis
• Trace gas measurement (e.g. CH4 and N2O)
• Measurement of dissolved ions and C in freshwaters

We also have partners in other institutions that enable us to offer U-Pb dating of accessory minerals, X-ray Diffraction of solid samples and micropalaeontology.


If you have any questions or want to find out more about our Facilities, please contact the Ecosystems Laboratory Manager, Graham Howell, or the Earth and Environment Laboratory Manager, David Johnson.


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