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  3. 18/04/2017 It’s official – our lab staff are externally recognised as excellent by the Science Council!

18/04/2017 It’s official – our lab staff are externally recognised as excellent by the Science Council!

At the end of March, Michelle Higgins, Emily Sear, Rebecca Shepard, Tim Barton and George Bryant (who’s recently moved from EGL to LHCS) all secured ‘Registered’ status with the Science Council. 
This entitles them to have ‘RSciTech’ (Michelle) or ‘RSci’ (Emily, Rebecca, Tim and George) after their name. In addition, the STEM Faculty has been awarded the status of Science Council Employer Champion in recognition of the encouragement and support provided to technical staff to actively work towards professional registration status. 
‘Registered Science Technician’ and ‘Registered Scientist’ are professional statuses that provide technical staff with a defined route for career progression and recognition. It also acts as a measure of their competence, ability and integrity, along with the faculty’s commitment to the quality and practice of science. The importance of this professional status system is best summarised by the following quotes from the Science Council website:
The Science Council’s registration framework sets out what it means to be a professional scientist at each stage in a person’s career. We believe that the best way to recognise a great potential employee is whether they are professionally registered. 
Professional registration recognises standards of excellence in the practice of science, across departments and across disciplines. It commits your employees to continuing professional development (CPD) and proves that you, as an employer, are investing in the talent of your workforce.
For the School, having staff with RSciTech and RSci status clearly demonstrates we have a highly professional team supporting our research (and teaching), which will be of interest to potential funding bodies. (For more on this system, please see the Science Council website:
So well done to Michelle, Emily, Rebecca, Tim and George; next step in professional development is securing ‘Chartered Scientist’ status.

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