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Welcome to the Research page of the School of Environment, Earth and Ecosystem Sciences at The Open University

Our research focuses on improving our understanding of key Earth processes from the mantle to the Earth’s surface. We cover the breadth of time from present day to the earliest stages of Earth history and research both short-term and long-term processes. Our specialisms include understanding the formation of mountain belts, modelling global ecosystems and processes, developing and using marine and terrestrial proxies to understand palaeoenvironmental change, the biogeochemistry of terrestrial ecosystems, the anthropogenic influence on terrestrial ecosystems, deciphering igneous processes and monitoring active volcanoes. The research is grouped into three main interlinked themes which you can find out more about by following the links below:


Palaeoenvironmental Change

Magmatic and Tectonic Processes

We have strong interdisciplinary links in the areas of planetary geosciences and planetary materials as well as with our Mathematics, Computing and Technology Schools and the Geography School (Faculty of Arts and Social Science ). Our excellent range of research facilities includes an extensive suite of ultra-clean geochemical laboratories, gas and solid source mass spectrometry, electron microprobe, XRF, ion and gas chromatography, a suite of ecosytems labs and controlled environment units.

We welcome enquiries for postdoctoral research positions and PhD studentships – please see our available opportunities or contact a relevant staff member.

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Telephone: +44 (0) 1908 652886

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