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Dynamic Earth

The Dynamic Earth Group carries out research into geological and tectonic processes under four main themes:

  • Geochemistry of mantle, magmas and crust
  • Hypervelocity impacts
  • Mountain dynamics

  • Volcano dynamics


Research facilities

We use a variety of analytical techniques in different laboratories to carry out our research:


Group Members

  • Dr Tom Argles (Senior Lecturer). Geochemist and petrologist interested in metamorphism and melting during mountain-building and how granitoids are mineralised.

  • Miss Bea Baharier (Research Student)."From the Colorado Plateau to beyond Earth: using magmatic intrusions into sulphate-rich sediments as an analogue for planetary habitable environments".

  • Dr Steve Blake (Honorary Associate). Physical volcanology.

  • Dr Sam Hammond (Project Officer).  Geochemist with expertise in clean lab chemistry and solution ICP-MS .

  • Prof Nigel Harris (Emeritus Professor of Tectonics). Geochemist and petrologist interested in crustal evolution and Earth systems, particularly associated with collision tectonics.

  • Dr Alison Halton (Project Officer). Geochronologist with expertise in Ar/Ar systematics and noble gas mass spectrometry.

  • Dr Anne Jay (Lecturer). Physical volcanologist specialising in paheohoe and the growth and development of large igneous provinces using field studies, geochemistry, paleomagnetism, remote sensing and GIS.

  • Dr Frances Jenner (Senior Lecturer). Geochemist interested in the evolution of the Earth's mantle, crust and ore deposits.

  • Dr Barbara Kunz (Project Officer FAMOS). Geochemist with expertise in metamorphic petrology, geochemistry and laser ablation ICP-MS.

  • Dr John Murray (Visiting Senior Research Fellow).  Physical volcanologist with particular interests in Mount Etna.

  • Mr Charlie Oldman (Research Student). "Finding a pulse: melt formation and timing in the Garwhal Himalaya".

  • Miss Stacy Phillips (Research Student). "When did crustal melting form the soft centre at the heart of the Himalaya?".

  • Prof Hazel Rymer (Professor of Environmental Volcanology). Physical volcanologist interested in microgravity as a tool for volcanic activity.

  • Mr Nikola Rogic (Research Student). "Satellite-based volcano monitoring".

  • Dr Susanne P Schwenzer (Senior Lecturer). Mineralogist and geochemist interested in water-rock interactions, hypervelocity impacts and hapitability on the Earth, Mars and beyond.

  • Dr Julia Semprich (Research Fellow). Petrologist interested in crustal and upper mantle processes on Earth and other planetary bodies in our Solar System.

  • Dr Clare Warren (Senior Lecturer). Metamorphic geologist interested in the rates and timescales of tectonic processes.

  • Mr Tim Webster (Research Student). "Enrichment of critical elements in granites: melting processes or protolith?".

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