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Earth System Modelling

The Earth system modelling group applies a range of modelling tools to address interdisciplinary problems relating to the impacts of climate change on the Earth system and human society in the past, present and future. The group focuses on three main areas of application:

Primarily we develop and apply intermediate complexity Earth system models, notably GENIE and PLASIM, but we also apply the ice-sheet models BICYCLES and GRISLI and the Hadley Center atmosphere ocean global climate model HadCM3 and other models for specific impact studies. We have contributed to the two most recent Assessment Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC AR4 and AR5) and provided analysis for the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook. A particular focus is the combination of dynamic simulation modelling with statistical modelling to address questions that are beyond the computational reach of direct simulation approaches, notably cutting-edge cross-disciplinary problems, working with modellers, social scientists and humanities researchers as well as policy makers in the fields of climate policy, economics, energy, biogeography and anthropology. We have a wide range of active collaborations both within the School and the Open University, and also nationally and internationally.

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