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Biogeochemistry of carbon-dense terrestrial ecosystems

Our researchers specialize in:

  • carbon dense ecosystems such as peatland, swamps and wetlands
  • greenhouse gas exchange between atmosphere, soil and trees
  • impacts of fires, deforestation and other disturbances on greenhouse gas emission

​Our reseach focuses on the biogeochemical cycling of carbon (in particular methane) and nitrogen. We are interested in all levels from global budgets to microbial interactions within the soil. We study the emission pathways from soil through the tree to the atmosphere. We investigate the impacts of environmental factors including deforestation, fires, acid rain sulfate deposition and climate change as well as restoration on these fluxes.

If you would like to know more about our biogeochemistry of carbon-dense terrestrial ecosystems research, please contact the theme lead, Dr Sunitha Pangala.

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