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Educational Research


The Educational Research Group conducts research into the development and delivery of education across the Environment, Earth and Ecosystem Sciences.  While distance education is a perennial focus, our work impacts on all modes of STEM education and extends into other disciplines as well.  Several of our projects focus on enhancing, enabling and evaluating fieldwork, in both virtual and outdoor environments.  We pursue research under five main themes:

Links and networks

Many of our research projects are supported by eSTEeM, the Open University’s centre for STEM pedagogy.

Congratulations to the following EEES staff who have been awarded eSTEeM projects in the latest round:

  • Elaine McPherson - Engaging students as experts in the trial and evaluation of Disability Language Guidance
  • Fiona Aiken and Chris Hutton - Student development and perceptions of employability skills in stage 1 science
  • Carlton Wood - Assessing and supporting student experience of synchronous online tuition
  • Sarah Davies - Place-making and student identity in fieldwork learning

OpenSTEM Labs: The OU’s initiative to provide practical teaching in all aspects of STEM for distance learners.

OpenScience Laboratory: Launched in 2013, the OU’s original ‘app store’ for practical science investigations and experiments online.

We also have links with:

Group Members

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If you would like to know more about our Educational Research, please contact the theme lead, Dr Tom Argles.

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