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We specialise in teaching in the Environmental Science and Earth Science disciplines, and also contribute to teaching in the biological and planetary sciences. Our teaching ranges from introductory modules, through to degree level and Master’s programmes. In addition, our modules and qualifications are informed by the scientific and educational research we do. This ensures that what you learn is current, of scientific interest and relevant to helping understand and address some of the environmental issues facing the world today. It also means we are constantly reviewing how we deliver our modules and the practical skills you will develop, to enhance what and how you learn throughout your studies.

Undergraduate qualifications

Postgraduate qualification

Short modules

If you would like to try some study without committing to a full qualification, why not check out one of our short modules:

Please note: these courses are only available for standalone study. You cannot count the credits you gain from these courses towards any current OU qualifications.



You might also be interested in some of our free OpenLearn resources, where we have courses on a range of topics such as Climate changeNeighbourhoud nature and Plate tectonics. Click on the ‘Nature and Environment’ or ‘Science, Maths and Technology’ links below to find out more.

Fieldwork Diaries

If you want to learn move about Environmental and Earth Sciences you might also be interested in our PhD student's podcast Fieldwork Diaries, which brings fieldwork to life through researchers' amazing stories.

If you would like to know more about studying with us, please contact the Director of Teaching, Dr Tom Argles

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