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Prof David Gowing

Professor of Botany


I am an ecohydrologist with a special interest in floodplain meadows.  My research focuses on the relationship between vegetation communities and both the water regime and the nutrient status of the soil.  The question of how numerous species manage to co-exist in these systems is of particular interest.  I have been widely involved in advising on water management for nature conservation and in  all applied aspects of floodplain-meadow management.  My current projects look to expand the research carried out on English meadows to species-rich assemblages of plants elsewhere in the world (particularly the fynbos region of South Africa's Cape and the Iberian mountains.)

I currently lead a research team of 4 post-docs, 4 PhD students and 2 visiting scientists. 

MA (Cantab) 1989, PhD (Lancaster) 1991

Teaching Interests

My teaching is in the field of Environmental Science; in particular the interactions of plants, soil and water.   I have taught at undergrad and Masters Level within Cranfield University and I have been involved in a number of course teams at the Open University:  Environmental Science (S216), Environmental Science in the Field (SXR216), Ecology (S328), Ecosystems (S396) and Discovering Science (S103).

I currently sit on the Environmental Science Award Committee .


Research Interests

My research for the past 15 years has focussed on characterising the water regime of meadow soils and relating the hydrological information to the vegetation community dynamics.  The main finding has been that each species within the meadow system has a unique hydrological niche and this fact may allow many species to co-exist  in close proximity.  Field data have demonstrated that the physical structure of soil is absolutely central to defining the water regime and therefore protection of soil structure should be a high priority for nature-conservation managers.

My research outputs are listed below


International refereed journals

Posthumus, H., J.R. Rouquette, J. Morris, D.J.G. Gowing, T.M. Hess (2010) A framework for the assessment of ecosystem goods and services; a case study on lowland floodplains in England. Ecological Economics, in press

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Other refereed publications

Clark L.J., Whalley W.R., Gowing D.J.G., Leeds-Harrison P.B. (2005) Soil strength as a constraint to the growth of wheat. In: Roots and the soil Environment II. Aspects of Applied Biology, 73, 19-26. The Association of Applied Biologists.

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Research and Consultancy reports

Daldorph, P., Gowing, D.J.G. and Pryce, A. (2006) Assessment of the impact of flooding on Portholme. Report to the Environment Agency, Peterborough.

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Current Research

·         2006-2009 NERC funded grant. “Biodiversity of European grasslands – impact of nitrogen deposition (part of the BEGIN consortium).” £174,290 (Principal investigator.)

·         2006-2009 ESF programme EuroDIVERSITY; leader of BEGIN consortium and member of scientific committee. BEGIN consortium funding €785,000.

·         2006-2010 EA funded project. “Barmby Barrage Habitat Regulations and Tidal Order Project” £26,000 (Principal investigator.)

·         2006-2009 Garfield-Weston charitable Foundation funded project. “Floodplain meadows: their conservation and restoration. £50,000 (Principal investigator.)

·         2005-2008 ESRC/NERC funded research grant “Integrated land and water management in floodplains.” £86,634 (co-Investigator)

·         2005-2007 Leverhulme funded grant “Soil moisture gradients and biodiversity in the Cape flora.” £84,822 (co-Investigator)

·         2004-2007 NERC-funded research grant “Woody wetland plants: an overlooked trace gas emission pathway £29,774 (co-Investigator)

·         2004-2008 EU Leader+ funding. “Control of marsh ragwort (Senecio aquaticus) for agriculture and conservation. £73,100 (lead academic)

·         2004-2009 Environment Agency- funded research “Nutrient deposition on floodplain grassland” £83,000 (Principal Investigator)

·         2003-2007 DEFRA-funded research grant via CEH “The role of grips in wetland hydrology” £64,000 (co-Investigator)

·         2003-2007 NERC-funded research grant “The Influence of Woodlands on Recharge in the Pang Catchment” £242,561 (co-Investigator)

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