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Environment, Earth and Ecosystems

Life, Health and Chemical Sciences

Physical Sciences


  • Plato image

    Searching for New Worlds with PLATO

    The exploration of planets around stars other than the Sun, known as extrasolar planets or ‘exo-planets’, is one of the most exciting topics of 21st century science. One of the key goals of this re-search is to discover and learn the properties of Earth-like worlds in the Sun’s neighbourhood. ESA, the European Space Agency, will do this in preparing a new space mission named PLATO. 

    20 February 2014 

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  • Ptolemy team image

    Ptolemy team celebrates Rosetta mission wake up

    The Ptolemy team of scientists celebrated the successful re-establishment of communications with the European Space Agency Rosetta Spacecraft last night.

    21 January 2014 

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  • Juno logo

    DPS awarded JUNO Practitioner status

    The Department of Physical Sciences (DPS) has been awarded JUNO Practitioner status by the Institute of Physics. This award recognises actions taken by the department that demonstrate commitment to addressing the under-representation of women, specifically in subjects allied to Physics.

    20 January 2014

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