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Preparing for Study

Level 1

Most students choosing to study science with the Open University will study either

Some students may also go on to study Exploring Science (S104)

If you have chosen to study our Natural Sciences qualification (Q64) our Mathematics and Physics qualification (Q77) you should begin your studies with Questions in science (S111).

If you have chosen to study our Health Science qualification (Q71) you will begin by studying Science and health: an evidence-based approach (SDK100). You may also be taking SDK100 as part of a qualification based in Psychology or in Heath and Social care.

If you have chosen to study our  Environmental sciences qualification (Q52) you will begin your studies with Environment:journeys through a changing world (U116).

To check you are sufficiently prepared for these modules we suggest you follow the steps below

Where applicable complete the associated Are You Ready For? (AYRF) diagnostic quiz

The AYRF quizzes are interactive online self-assessment questions designed to help you to decide whether you are sufficiently prepared to start studying the module. You are strongly advised to attempt the AYRF quiz for the module you are thinking of studying.

The questions in the S111 AYRF will help you assess your readiness to study the module in terms of necessary equipment, available study time as well as allowing you to determine if your maths, IT and English skills are at the level required for studying this introductory level 1 science module.

In  the SDK100 AYRF and S104 AYRF  some questions assess skills your module assumes you will already have these are labelled 'Essential' whilst others assess skills or knowledge that will be developed further during the module these are labelled 'Valuable'.

Your progress through the test will be stored in your browser, so you can leave the test and return on another day if you don't have time to complete it in one session. Please note: if any interactive materials fail to load, please use the Back button on your browser and click the link again to reload it.

The feedback you receive on completion of the AYRF quiz will help you to assess whether you feel you are ready to start studying the module.

Are You Ready For S111?
Are You Ready For SDK100
Are You Ready For S104?

Think carefully about the feedback you have been given from the AYRF quiz.  Do you need to consider taking an Open University Access module or do you need to undertake some additional preparatory material before the module starts?

Go to this link for further information about Access modules

For additional preparatory resources go to 

Preparing for S111
Preparing for SDK100
Preparing for S104

Level 2/3

Once you have completed your level 1 studies you can check your readiness for a variety of level 2 modules 

Are you ready for level 2/3 modules?