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  2. SDK100 Science and health: an evidence-based approach

SDK100 Science and health: an evidence-based approach

Science and health: an evidence-based approach (SDK100) is unique in presenting a global perspective on health topics across a wide range of scientific disciplines.

This introductory Level 1 module explores health, disease and disability in a global context through eight case studies covering infection, nutrition, pain, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, trauma, alcohol, screening for breast cancer, and visual impairment.

This module is designed for students who are interested in global health issues; how the body works; health statistics; and the scientific rationale for common screening procedures and treatments. It will also be useful for those who are, or who intend to be, working in a health-related occupation where some knowledge of science would be useful.

The eight case studies covering major topics in global public health are presented entirely online as text coupled with interactive media such as animations and videos. There is support for those new to science or who are unfamiliar with using a computer to learn online.

Each topic integrates the biological, chemical, and physical sciences with psychology, health statistics, and social studies to illuminate underlying causes and personal and societal consequences. The module also develops the skills needed for further study of the health sciences, including evaluating evidence; handling numbers; presenting data; writing skills; and using information technology.

On successful completion of the module, students will be awarded 60 points which can be counted towards one of our degrees.

You can check that you have the appropriate background by trying out our interactive quiz Are you ready for SDK100?