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S207 - The physical world

Are you ready for S207? is a web-based set of diagnostic self-assessment questions for prospective students of S207 The Physical World.

The questions are broken into eight sets on 'Scientific notation', 'Calculations, units and significant figures', 'Algebra', 'Squares and square roots', 'Powers of quantities', 'Constants of proportionality', 'Trigonometry' and 'Graphs'. You will receive feedback on each question as you complete it, and, at the end, overall feedback on each set that should enable you to judge for yourself whether or not you have an appropriate level of knowledge to embark on The Physical World.

You should expect to spend around 50 minutes working through the questions.

Is your computer ready for Are you ready for S207?

You will need an appropriate web browser. We support

This set of assessment questions makes provision for you to enter superscripts (e.g. 1x104) and subscripts (e.g. H2O) that are unlikely to be supported by other browsers.

Click the link to run Are you ready for S207?

Please note: if any interactive materials fail to load, please use the Back button on your browser and click the link again to reload it.