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The DEA Club plans to bring together research groups studying the process of DEA (both experimental and theoretical). DEA is now known to play an important role in many different fields including astrochemistry, aeronomy, plasma processing and radiation damage. It is central to a range of technologies including nanoscale fabrication (e.g, using FEBIP), water treatment and pollution abatement. DEA has been extensively studied in the gas phase and on surfaces whilst being demonstrated in clusters and aerosols, thus DEA is a multiphase phenomena. Understanding the dynamics of DEA is vital to the development of electron controlled chemistry and development of next generation radiotherapy.

However DEA is a process that the wider scientific community does not understand (and thus often ignores) since the concept of molecular fragmentation by electrons whose kinetic energy is below the excitation energy of the first excited(dissociative state (and may even be meV or zero energy) is one many find hard to comprehend.

The DEA club has been established to:

  • Provide a mechanism for the international DEA research community to collaborate, develop new projects and apply for international funding
  • To publicise and explain DEA and its role to the wider scientific community.

The DEA club website will provide a central point through which DEA Groups may be linked, post news, report new papers/results, announce job opportunities etc. However the DEA club will also host workshops and meetings.

The third meeting is going to be held in Prague in April 2018.

Third DEA Club Meeting

The second meeting was held in Mumbai in November 2015. 

Second DEA Club meeting

The first meeting in Trieste in September 2013 was the first meeting of the club and was used to develop and define the club and build its membership.......

First DEA Club meeting