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Equality and Diversity

Welcome to the equality and diversity website for the School of Physical Sciences.  The School is committed to ensuring that staff and students work within an environment that is inclusive and supportive for all.

The School also seeks to maintain the highest standards in teaching, research and enterprise in accordance with the Open University’s mission of being:

‘open to people, places, methods and ideas’

All staff and students in the School therefore commit to:

  • Treat others with dignity and respect

  • Adopt a professional attitude at all times to create a positive working environment

  • Listen to and support each other

  • Respect the views of those who hold different opinions from our own, and where possible seek out such views before voicing our own opinions.

  • Endeavour to keep our promises which are both honest and realistic

  • Respect each other’s time and personal space, maintaining confidentiality at appropriate times.

  • Constructively challenge behaviour that does not fit this framework

The School is proud to be a Project Juno Champion and holder of an Athena SWAN Silver School award to demonstrate our commitment to addressing the under-representation of women in STEM, particularly Physics and subjects aligned to Physics.

Therefore we also adhere to the six Juno Principles and the Athena SWAN Charter.

Success Stories

Dr Anita Dawes

Dr Anita Dawes of SPS discusses her research, her career journey, and why she feels her teaching at the OU is such an amazing way to make a difference in our students’ experience.

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Dr Jesper Skottfelt

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Dr Rhian Chapman

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