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The Association of OU Graduate awards SPS winners

On Friday October 6th, the Association of Open University Graduates (AOUG) held its annual awards ceremony on campus. Two postgraduate students from the Astronomy Discipline in the School of Physical Sciences, Pam Rowden and Paul Greer, each won a prize.

Every year the AOUG Foundation for Education presents a series of Research Awards to outstanding PhD students in their final year of study, from across the University, each of whom has previously completed an OU undergraduate degree. The nine awards are each named for former OU dignitaries, such as previous chancellors and vice chancellors. Pam and Paul were both nominated by their supervisors, Ulrich Kolb and Andrew Norton respectively, for the Sir John Horlock Award for Science. The AOUG chose to present the Horlock award to Pam whilst presenting Paul with the Will Swan Award for Innovation and Knowledge Development. Andrew said a few words in support of each of the Astronomy winners and they were each presented with a cash prize and a framed certificate.

Over the years, several Astronomy postgraduate students have won the Horlock Award, including Helen Davidge (2015), Jon Gregson (2014), Marcus Lohr (2013), Andrew Mason (2010), Rosalind Hopwood (2009), Amanda Smith (2006), John Barker (2002) and Peter Taylor (1995). Congratulations to Pam and Paul for continuing this fine tradition.