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The Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics UK (CUWiP UK)- Students Highlights

CUWiP 2018 Oxford UKThe Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics UK (CUWiP UK) took place 15-18th March 2018 at Oxford University.  This conference brings together successful female physicists and 100 undergraduate physicists who identify as women to highlight career opportunities for women in physics and the contributions of women in physics.


Here are some highlights from three students who attended:

“It was an action-packed 3 days with highlights including a trip to the JET fusion lab, a session on medical physics, panel talks by scientists in research, academia and industry as well as a presentation by Dr Suzie Imber, winner of the BBC Astronauts programme. “

 “The first lecture, probably my favourite, was by Professor Becky Parker, who I sent a thank you email! She set up the Institute for Research in schools, which was founded so that physics teachers could do research, while being physics teachers at the same time. I thought this was an absolutely brilliant idea, which will inspire more physicists to teach, and more students to study physics.”

One of the talks that stuck with me was from Becky Parker, who spoke passionately to us about her mission to get school children actively involved in physics research.  A group of her A-level students have already designed a cosmic ray detector and launched it into space, and one of her students was published at just 17.”


“.. the most inspiring talk for me was given by Shakardokht Jafari, who spoke of how she overcame extremely challenging situations to fight her way into education and science. During her PhD, Shakardokht designed jewellery beads to monitor radiation doses given to cancer patients, which are now in the commercialization stage. Through the success … she now owns a company aiming to bridge the gap between research ideas and commercialization of final products that are cost effective enough to help patients both in the western and third world.”


“I had the most inspiring few days at CUWiP.  From meeting heroes in the field, to network-ing with both accomplished Physicists and future stars.  I have felt inspired, humbled, challenged and I have been thinking hard about what I want my contribution to science to be.  I would highly recommend this opportunity to all female physics undergraduates.”

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