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Microbiology Laboratories

In order to investigate the conditions in which Life can exist, and therefore guide us in our quest to understand where Life may presently, or previously, have existed in the Solar System and beyond PSSRI has recently been equipped with a new suite of laboratories for detailed investigation of micro-organisms.

Microbiology labs:  The microbiology labs are equipped to carry out aerobic and anaerobic culturing. Aerobic culturing is carried out in a microbiology laboratory equipped with incubators and laminar flow hood. The laboratory is used for the study of samples from numerous extreme environments including the deep subsurface and volcanic environments. Anaerobic culturing and isolations are carried out in a separate laboratory which is equipped with a Don Whitley anaerobic  chamber and other anaerobic culturing facilities. The lab. has been used to isolate anaerobic microorganisms from the deep subsurface.

Molecular Biology lab:  The molecular biology lab. is equipped to carry out molecular biological analysis of environmental samples, including PCR, DGGE, clone library construction, electrophoresis and other manipulations. The lab. is used to investigate the microbial diversity and community composition of microorganisms within samples collected in field locations. It provides a means for genetic characterisation of organisms isolated using the standard aerobic and anaerobic laboratory facilities.
Microbiology Lab
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