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  • Musings on Rosetta's dust findings

    by Dr Simon Green, the Open University The Philae landing date is approaching and the excitement is building… especially as the unusual shape and structure of the nucleus presents such a challenge to... read more
  • ESA’s Giotto mission to comets Halley and Grigg-Skjellerup

    by Andrew Coates, University College London In the mid-1980s the world waited for a long anticipated return of Halley’s comet. This frequent visitor to the inner solar system returns every 76 years.... read more
  • Landscapes on a Comet

    by David Rothery and Matt Balme, The Open University As the stunning images of 67P became available, we in the planetary environments group at the Open University (who have no official affiliation... read more
  • Before the historic comet landing, Philae faces many dangers

    By Monica Grady, The Open University “Are we there yet?” is a plaintive query that most parents learn to dread, especially if uttered while halted in a traffic jam in the baking hot sun. At least the... read more
  • Philae to host CONSERT at site J

    by Iwan Williams, Queen Mary University of London The CONSERT experiment is the only experiment on board the ROSETTA spacecraft capable of providing information about the deep interior of the comet.... read more