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Strategy documents

We are proud to be the only University that operates across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our four-nation perspective is a distinctive source of strength and value. We are able to bring the benefits of scale but flex to meet the specific social, economic and cultural needs in each nation.

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Students First: Strategy for Growth

We aim to increase the positive impact that The Open University has on the world through our teaching, research and engagement. Putting our students first, we focus on:

  • Enabling more students to achieve a qualification
  • Providing enhanced employability and career progression outcomes for students
  • Enhancing our academic excellence
  • Leading in digital innovation 
  • Developing a more adaptive organisation and culture
  • Diversifying our income and reducing our costs

Our mission

The Open University is open to people, places, methods and ideas.

Our vision

To reach more students with life-changing learning that meets their needs and enriches society.

Our values

•    We play a unique role in society, making higher education open to all
•    We promote social justice through the development of knowledge and skills

•    We lead the learning revolution, placing innovation at the heart of our teaching and research
•    We continuously seek new and better ways to inspire and enable learning                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Read Students First: Strategy for Growth in Scotland.
•    We create world class research and teaching

•    We respond to the needs of individuals and employers and the communities in which they live and work
•    We are dedicated to supporting our students’ learning success

OU in Scotland Outcome Agreements

Outcome agreements set out what universities plan to deliver in return for their funding from the Scottish Funding Council. Their focus is on the contribution that universities make towards improving life chances, supporting world-class research and creating sustainable economic growth for Scotland.


The Open University Annual Report 2015/16

The Open University's Annual Report for 2015/16 highlights some of the University's significant achievements across the UK. It is available here

The report features the online course My Seaweed Looks Weird from the Scottish Association for Marine Science and the Opening Educational Practices in Scotland project, which is led and hosted by The OU in Scotland. The course makes cutting-edge research on seaweed cultivation freely available to a global audience.

It also includes Back On Course Scotland. This free service, delivered by The OU in Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Funding Council and the broader higher education sector, helps students who have left a Scottish university without completing their qualification to get back into education, training or employment. 


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