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Cosmic Collisions: secrets of the universe explored

Monica Grady

Scientists helping to unlock the secrets of our solar system and the nature of the universe will be among the star attractions at Scotland’s Cosmic Collisions event in Dumfries and Galloway on June 23 and 24.

Monica Grady CBE, Open University Professor of Planetary and Space and Sciences, will be speaking at Sanquhar Town Hall on June 24.

She was part of the project to land the Philae probe on a comet, and believes the years ahead will be important for space science, with opportunities for today’s young people to contribute to huge advances and great discoveries.

Prof. Grady (pictured above) said:

A series of Moon and Mars missions are being prepared, including one to bring back a sample from Mars. These pave the way for future human exploration. I think we could be back on the Moon by 2025 and be on Mars by 2035.

Her talk will be about space collisions, including the fact that the Earth gets hit by small meteorites around 10,000 times a year, and by large meteorites every 50,000 to 1 million years.

By studying the geology of meteorite fragments she and her team are able to learn more about the early solar system and how it was formed.

Cosmic Collisions will include talks by artists and architects as well as scientists.

A linked Cosmic Collisions, Birth, Rebirth and the Universe exhibition at the MERZ Gallery in Sanquhar will include a Galaxy Making Machine and a headset that lets visitors watch a universe form. They can also make an origami universe.

A new body of work by Charles Jencks will be on display, along with pieces by the artist Rachel Libeskind in her first ever collaboration with her brother Noam.

On the bill too is a special performance, and the unveiling of a new art installation by Charles Jencks at nearby 55-acre artland Crawick Multiverse, which is inspired by themes of astronomy and cosmology.

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OU Scotland students get free tickets to all Cosmic Collisions events (23-24 June). Email and quote your student number.



Grahame Smith, Lisa McGuinness, Khadija Patel, Nicola Sturgeon

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16th April 2018
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