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Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)

We have a wide variety of modules and are able to offer a diverse range of opportunities in this key strategic area. Over 40 per cent of our OU in Scotland students do STEM subjects, and within that cohort, we are proud that over 45 per cent are female.

Scottish Water educational pathway

The Open University in Scotland is at the heart of a partnership providing study streams for water professionals, or those wishing to join the industry, that cover wide ranging skills in water management and governance. Led by Scottish Water, the collaboration brings together The OU in Scotland with Glasgow Clyde College and Heriot-Watt University. The study route can be joined at Higher National Certificate (HNC) level, Bachelor of Arts /Bachelor of Science Open (Hons) or Master of Science (MSc) entry points.

We give credit transfer for an HNC in Water Operations studied at Glasgow Clyde College into our degree level study. Pathways have been identified that are of particular relevance to the industry and which are also the ideal lead-in to the MSc in Water and Environmental Management at Heriot-Watt University.


The partnership, launched in 2015, supports the Scottish Government’s ambition of becoming the first Hydro Nation, committed to maximising the economic, health, social wellbeing and environmental benefits of Scotland’s water.

Dr James Miller, the then Director of The Open University in Scotland, is pictured signing the partnership agreement.

Read more about the educational pathway, and watch a video, here 


Brian Ronald



Engineering opportunities at Rolls-Royce

Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degrees are among the qualifications that engineering staff at Rolls-Royce's Scottish sites have the opportunity to gain, through our collaboration with the company and Unite the Union. Watch a video about our partnership here. 

Engineering Inspector Brian Ronald (pictured right) from East Kilbride was awarded a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Open degree, with a focus on Engineering, Design, Environment and Development, in 2016. Read more here.


Returning to a STEM career

Interactive toolkit Reboot Your STEM Career is available from The OU's free online learning platform OpenLearn. This is chiefly aimed at women but would also be helpful to anyone considering going back to a STEM career following a break.

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