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Members of the BISA Africa and International Studies Working Group include the following people. If you are a member and are not listed, or if you need to update your information or would like to join, please contact Suda Perera,

Name and email contact Institution Research interests
Kassim Abdulbasit
Keele University Diplomacy, African Security, Critical Security Studies and Terrorism Studies in Africa.
Dr Rita Abrahamsen
University of Ottawa African politics, development and security, security privatisation, and postcolonial theory.
Dr Lulsegged Adebe
International Alert African Union and RECs, Religion and Conflict, Peacebuilding, West and Horn of Africa, Climate change and adaptation, dialogue and reconciliation, early warning, Indigenous/traditional conflict resolution, and Civil society.
Dr Saheed Aderinto
Western Carolina University, Cullowhee NC, USA African history with focus on gender and sexuality; nationalism and historiography; children and childhood; peace and conflict; and popular and expressive culture.
Nana Adom
University of Winchester  
Babafemi Akinrinade
Fairhaven College, Western Washington University International Law and International Human Rights, African Human Rights, Failed States and Post-conflict State/peace-building, Transitional Justice; Political and Socio-economic relations of African States.
Dr Ambrose Akor
Lancaster University Foreign policy processes; war, conflict and humanitarian intervention; Africa in international affairs; international communications; British foreign policy; US foreign policy; African contemporary politics; contemporary public policy.
Richard F. Akum
School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London Political Economy, Borderlands, Statebuilding, Power, Liberia, Guinea, Ivory Coast.
Idowu Mojeed Alade
University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria Comparative Mythology and Religion; Ancient Greek and Roman Religion; Greek Philosophy; and Classical Literature.
Dr Chris Alden
London School of Economics Post conflict peace building; war and political violence; states in transition.
Muhammad Al-Hashimi
London South Bank University International Political Economy; Islamic Political Economy; Institutionalist Political Economy; Islamic Microfinance and Development in the Horn of Africa.
Maria Ambrozy
University of Bradford Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, conflict, post-conflict state re-building, politics of policy-making, politics and propaganda, political theory with particular interests in political systems and State - society relations.
Dr Stefan Andreasson
Queens University Belfast International political economy; energy and natural resources; development; post-colonial politics; sub-Saharan Africa.
Leonardo R. Arriola
University of California, Berkeley Democratisation; political violence; political economy; ethnic politics; Cameroon; Ethiopia; Kenya.
Jones Lewis Arthur
Sunyani Polytechnic, Ghana Poverty reduction and Protected Areas, Population, Indigenous Knowledge, Environmental Conservation and Protection, governance.
Dr Sam Ashman
University of the Witwatersrand  
Adeniyi Asiyanbi
King's College London Power, knowledge and identity in the environment, drawing on Political Ecology, conservation history and Michel Foucault's ideas on governmentality and neoliberalism. Specifically, Reducing Emission from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) in Nigeria.
Dr Lucky Asuelime
University of Zululand Terrorism, Security and Strategy in Africa; South African Nuclear Relations; Africa International Relations; Cold War in Africa; International Political Economy and; South African and British Foreign policy.
Titilayo Ayoola
Queen Mary, University of London International Relations, International development, Participatory development, Rural development, Africa, African diaspora, South West Nigeria, Colonialism, Postcolonialism, Postcolonial feminism, African feminism.
Jan Bachman
University of Gothenburg Development and critical security studies, US Africa policy.
Amy Barnes
University of Sheffield Health, governance, aid, Zambian politics, partnership.
Noah N Bassil
Macquaire University, Australia  
Winnie Bedigen
Leeds Metropolitan University Conflicts & Civil wars in Sudan, South Sudanese/Lwoo culture, Lwoo Indigenous Conflict Resolution methods, The role of Elders, Youth & Women in Lwoo Indigenous Conflict Resolution processes.
Pritish Behuria;
SOAS Rwanda, East Africa, Great Lakes Region, Political Economy of Development, Political Settlement, Industrial Policy.
Isaline Bergamaschi
Sciences-Po, Centre d'Etude Reserches Internationale, Paris Local uses and trajectories of 'ownership' and 'poverty reduction' in Mali.
Dr Luis Manuel Brás Bernadino
University of Lisbon (ISCSP) Security and Defence in Africa; Angola; Angolan Armed Forces.
Dr Danielle Beswick
University of Birmingham Conflict, security complexes and development in Africa; Rwanda and donors; Rwandan policies on intervention in DRC and Darfur.
Gemma Bird Research
The University of Sheffield Comparative Political Theory, African Philosophy, Identity, Personhood, Culture, Dialogue.
Dr David Black
Dalhousie University, Canada Canadian and comparative Northern policies toward Sub-Saharan Africa. Focus on human security, development, investment and diplomacy. Interests in South Africa, in Africa and Sport.
Morten Boas Fafo - Institute for Applied International Studies West and Central Africa; conflict; migration; youth.
Dr Sarah Bracking
University of Manchester Political economy of development, particular focus on development finance including migrant remittances, in sub-Saharan Africa and in Zimbabwe. Also work on political corruption and democratisation.
Nick Branson
School of Oriental and African Studies Sub-Saharan Africa; Political Liberalisation; Democratisation; Hybrid Regimes; Autocracies; Aid Negotiations.
Peter Brett
SOAS The 'judicialisation' of African politics in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.
Ed Brown
University of Leicester Failed States, Secession, Recognition, Nationalism, Ethnicity, Geopolitics, Balkanisation, Statehood.
Dr William Brown
The Open University Africa and IR Theory; politics of aid and aid donor policy.
Dr Andrew Brooks
Kings College London International trade, especially Mozambique; Chinese investment; trade and corruption; social and economic change and contemporary politics in southern Africa.
Dr Bram Büscher
Wageningen University Conservation, Southern Africa, political economy, capitalism, energy, social media.
Dr Stephen Buzdugan
Manchester Metropolitan University Critical IPE, Development, Regionalism, Africa, EU-ACP relations, global governance and foreign direct investment.
Hazel Cameron
University of St Andrews State crime; global elite bystanders to crime; state and corporate complicity in political violence; torture; genocide; war crimes; and crimes against humanity.
Tony Chafer
University of Portsmouth France and Africa, EU and Africa.
James Chamberlain
University of Sheffield Zambia and aid dependency; International Development; Neoliberalism; the History and Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa; Globalisation; and Critical, Agent-Centred Approaches.
Patty Chang
New York University West Africa, post-conflict peacebuilding, international cooperation, small arms and light weapons, human security.
Bipul Chatterjee
CUTS International Political economy of trade and regional integration in Africa.
Dr Christine Cheng
Oxford University Post-conflict transitions in Liberia: post-conflict transitions, statebuilding, natural resources, corruption, extralegal groups, the UN, Liberia, and West African politics.
Tinomudaishe Chinyoka
University of Lincoln Suitability of Liberal Democracy in Zimbabwe/Africa.
Dr Knox Chitiyo
Chatham House African defence and security issues, the nexus between security, politics and development. Sub- Saharan Africa in general, especially southern Africa and Zimbabwe. Also education and the military; and African diaspora issues.
Eujoeng Cho
Warwick University Development of an analytical framework that would explain better of power of entities in the margins.
Elizabeth Cobbett
UEA IPE, financial practices and financial architecture Sub-Saharan Africa.
Moya Collett
Univ of New South Wales, Australia West Africa, conflict, peacekeeping, regionalism.
Dr Daniel Conway
The Open University  
Dr Scarlett Cornelissen
University of Stellanbosch  
Dr Ruth Craggs
KCL Cultural/Historical geographies of late colonialism, the colour bar, decolonisation and development in Southern Africa; the 'modern' Commonwealth and post-colonial geopolitics in Zambia.
Dr Teresa Almeida Cravo
University of Coimbra Peace and violence; Security; Development; International Interventionism; Lusophone Africa.
Dr Hannah Cross

University of Westminster

Migration, labour mobility and borders in West Africa, the Sahara and Europe.
Dr Devon Curtis
Cambridge University Peacebuilding, governance, post-conflict reconstruction; power-sharing and federalism; international assistance and intervention; peace and conflict theory, development and security, the United Nations, the African Union, the Great Lakes region.
Dr Rebecca Davies
University of Plymouth Relationship between migration, security and development in sub-Saharan Africa. Globalisation of identity politics (in particular, with regard to the Afrikaner grouping in South Africa).
Dr Grant Dawson
Aberystwyth University Peacekeeping and conflict control, Canadian foreign policy towards Africa.
Dr Carl Death
University of Manchester Development and governance in Southern Africa; environmental politics and sustainable development; and poststructuralist and postcolonial political theory.
Jennie Debenham
The Cambridge Humanitarian Centre, in partnership with Cambridge University Global Food Waste and Food Security in developing countries.
Meike de Goede
St Andrews University Post-war state building and political transition, Postcolonial critique, Democratic Republic of Congo.
Dustin Dehéz
Düsseldorf Institute for Foreign and Security Policy (DIAS) East African Affairs and the Horn of Africa. African Military History and regional integration.
Margarita Dimova
School of Oriental and African Studies The heroin market in urban Kenya, transboundary illicit economies, local entrepreneurship, order and disorder, control and policing, crime and authority in postcolonial Africa.
Kathy Dodworth
University of Edinburgh African politics, NGOs and development, politics of aid, non-state actors, state-society relations, legitimation practice, social & symbolic capital, Tanzania, East Africa.
Dr Sara Dorman
University of Edinburgh Nation and State-building, NGOs, churches, elections, election-observing, and state-society relations.
Suzanne Dowse
Canterbury Christ Church University IR and impacts of sport mega events with focus on FIFA2010 South Africa.
Prof Rosaleen Duffy


Political economy of environment, conservation, tourism, global environmental governance, illegal wildlife trade, gemstone mining, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, South Africa.
Michael Dwyer
Hurst and Co., publishers  
Dr. Christopher von Dyck
Norman Paterson School of International Affairs IR and Comparative Politics in Developing countries; post-conflict peace-building in West Africa; African development and security issues more generally.
Dr Rebecca Ehata
University of Manchester African political thought, autochthony and the politics of belonging, migration, pan-Africanism.
Dr Chigozie Enwere
Nigeria-Turkish Nile University Africa Politics, International Conflict, Peace Studies and Regional Integration.
Dr Gero Erdmann
German Institute for Global and Area Studies  
Dr Willie Eselebor
University of Ibadan, Nigeria Peacebuilding, Peace education, Conflict management and Transformation. Others are Regional security, International borders, Migration, Refugees/IDPs, Human Trafficking, Globalisation and Good governance.
Dr Essien D. Essien
University of Uyo, Nigeria Scandal Politics and Good governance in Africa, Social media, Identity Politics, Social Inclusion, Public Management excellence in Africa.
Charles Ezeagwu
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid The political economy of armed conflicts; security and development studies.
Edwin Ezeokafor (PG)
University of Dundee Politics of statehood and security in West Africa.
Emmanuel Fanta
UN University, Belgium  
Dr Paulo C J Faria
University of Kent IR Theory, Foucault, Habermas, Public Resistance & Governance in Lusophone Africa.
Diana Felix da Costa
School of Oriental and African Studies Anthropology of aid and peacebuilding; local violence; peacebuilding-peacekeeping nexus; South Sudan; Chad.
Jonathan Fisher
University of Birmingham Africa-donor aid relations esp Uganda; perceptions and influence in aid relations.
Henry Fonbeyn
Oxford Brookes University Environmental Impact Assessment with focus on Carbon FootPrint and Embodied Energy Computation.
Dr Elsje Fourie
University of Maastricht National and societal interpretations of modernity and modernisation in Africa; transnational policy mobility and diffusion; the political economies of Kenya and Ethiopia; the developmental state in Africa; South-South development cooperation.
Alastair Fraser
Cambridge University Donor governments', NGOs' and international firms' promotion of economic, political and social agendas, and African responses. Current foci: Zambia, Mining, Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers, International support for civil society and advocacy work.
Laura Freeman
University of Cape Town Rebellion and insurgency in Africa; conflict, political violence and war; xenophobia in Southern Africa; identity, citizenship and exclusion.
Clive Gabay
Queen Mary University of London Relationship between international development policies and social movement mobilisation in Africa and South Asia, as well as the intersections between cosmopolitan and post-colonial theory.
Julia Gallagher
Royal Holloway University International relations and Africa; British policy in Africa; Nigeria and Sierra Leone; idealism in international politics.
Helene Gandois
University of Oxford, St Antony's college A few words identifying your main research interests: Africa, regionalism, security institutions, peacekeeping, election monitoring.
Catherine Gegout
University of Nottingham European military intervention in Africa; France, the UK and the EU in Africa; Ethics of intervention; peacekeeping.
Dr Linnéa Gellot
Gothenburg University & Nordic Africa Institute Critical military intervention/peacebuilding, norm development and effects (R2P and protection of civilians), (African)peace operations legitimacy.
Prof Richard Gibb
Abu Dhabi Men's College Regional integration in South Africa and UE-Africa trade relations.
Dr Marie Gibert
Independent Researcher Habré affair; West Africa's international relations, norms, small states' foreign policies.
Matthew Graham
University of Dundee ANC, South Africa, Southern Africa, liberation struggles, post-colonialism, nationalism, transition from apartheid to democracy.
Dr Jing Gu
IDS, Sussex  
Dr Anne Hammerstad University of Kent Security Studies; refugees and refugee movements and security; regional security integration.
Dr Daniel Hammett
University of Sheffield South Africa; political and social geography; identity; citizenship; post-colonialism.
Dauda Hamzat
Leeds Met International supply chains, Nigeria.
Johanna Hanefeld London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine HIV/AIDS, Global Health, Zambia, South Africa.
Dr Stig Jarle Hansen
Norwegian Inst for Urban and Regional Research, Oslo  
Dr Sophie Harman
Queen Mary University of London HIV/AIDS, World Bank, East Africa, civil society.
Professor John Harrington
Law School, Cardiff University Global health law, health and human rights, law and constitutional change in Kenya, legal theory, law and culture.
Elizabeth Harrison
Sustainability Research Institute, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds Participatory natural resource management, CBNRM, REDD+, multi-level governance, rural livelihoods.
Dr Graham Harrison
University of Sheffield Neoliberalism, World Bank, Governance reform, Africa campaiging in the UK, imperialism.
Jessica Hawkins
Institute for Development Policy & Management, University of Manchester Historical sociology, State formation, Uganda, Social Power.
Helen Hawthorne
City University, London LDCs, WTO, trade, norms.
Graham Hobbs
School of Oriental and African Studies UK/EU foreign economic policy towards Africa.
Rebecca Hodes
University of Cape Town Histories of science, race and sex in South Africa.
Dr Georgina Holmes
University of Reading Gender, peace and security; Security Sector Reform and Rwanda.
Jana Hönke
University of Edinburgh Global' governance and processes of de-/reterritorialisation, security governance/policing, international development and security policies, business power and private authority; extraction enclaves in South Africa, Zambia, DRC.
Richard Howarth
SOAS Government and Politics of Africa, Identity, Environmental Politics.
Dr Stephen Hurt
Oxford Brookes University South Africa, EU development policy, critical theory.
Emmanuel O Ibekwe
University of Surrey International political economy,  Illicit trade in West Africa, transnational crime and Security studies.
Prof Okey Iheduru
Arizona State University  
Dr Adesina Iluyemi
NEPAD Council  
Mohamed Haji Ingiriis
Oxford University State and society in Somalia, History of the Horn of Africa, Somali History, Democracy and Dictatorship in Somalia, Gender Development in Southern Somalia, Political Economy of Somali piracy and Somali Historiography.
Marta Iniguez-De-Heredia
LSE Resistance to state building strategies and local peace building strategies, DRC, human rights, historical sociology.
Dr Paul Jackson
University of Birmingham Feasibility of 'liberal peace' in post-conflict Africa, the development and security; decentralisation and post-conflict politics; UK involvement in Sierra Leone.
Prof Richard Jackson
Otago University International conflict resolution, including negotiation and mediation, the social construction of war and other forms of organised political violence, political development in the African state, and critical approaches to terrorism.
Inga Jacobs
South African Water Research Commission Water Conflict in Africa, hydropolitics and multi-Level water governance in Africa; norms research in environmental politics, African Development.
Sarah Jenkins
University of Warwick  
Sasha Jesperson
LSE Post-conflict reconstruction, security-development nexus, human security, West Africa.
Chelsea B Johnson
University of California, Berkeley Conflict resolution, power sharing, ethnic violence, post-conflict elections and democratization. 
Lyn Johnstone
Royal Holloway, University of London  
Dr Branwen Gruffydd Jones
Goldsmiths, University of London Africa in the global political economy; neoliberalism; African cities,'slums' and urban condition; African political thought.
Paul Julius
Kingston University Conflict and security, international political economy, environmental politics and governance and development.
Webster Siame Kameme
The University of Hull Democratic Governance, Legislative and Development Studies.
Dr Michael Keating
Richmond the American International University in London The Commonwealth, British foreign policy in Africa specifically in Zimbabwe and Rwanda, cosmopolitanism, human rights.
Jan Klaassen
University of Reading Security and governance in West Africa; Nigeria; international political sociology and political geography.
Dr Stephen Kingah
UN University – CRIS  
Dr Gernot Klantschnig
Nottingham University Nigeria's role in the international drug and crime control regime; China-Africa relations in food and drug safety.
Kai Koddenbrock
University of Bremen Intervention, peacekeeping, humanitarianism, development, IR theory, deconstruction, governmentality, STS, post-colonial thought, economic history and theory, Southern Africa.
Dr Christopher LaMonica
U.S. Coast Guard Academy The marginalisation of African scholarship in IR; the politics of strengthening local government institutions in sub-Saharan African states (Zambia); African security issues and US Africa Command.
Dr Mark Langan
University of Leicester EU-Africa relations; Aid for Trade; budget support; private sector development; neo-colonialism.
Adele Langlois
Lincoln University Bioethics, genetics, global governance, Kenya.
Dan Large
SOAS International politics of human rights and humanitarian action; Africa-China relations; Horn of Africa and Sudan.
Dr Mark Ledwidge
University of Manchester  
Dr Donna Lee
University of Birmingham African diplomacy, African international political economy & Africa in the WTO.
Keri Ann Leicher
Executive Research Associates, Consultancy Africa Intelligence and University of the Witwatersrand The political, social, investment and economic- related risks associated with doing business across Africa.
Gediminas Lesutis
The University of Manchester Mozambique, agriculture, planetary urbanisation, Lefebvre, space, international political economy.
Bala Mohammed Liman
School of Oriental and African Studies Conflict and Identity in Nigeria.
Ulrike Lorenz
University of Potsdam Africa, EU and EPAs; transformation of order, diffusion of power, Critical Political Geography, processes of de- and reterritorialisation, region-building, area focus on Southern Africa.
Walter Lotze
St Andrews University Humanitarian intervention, peacebuilding, the African Peace and Security Architecture, and civilian peacekeeping.
Dr Eric Louw
University of Queensland, Australia South African politics; South African media.
Dr Gabrielle Lynch
University of Warwick Issues of ethnic identity, political mobilisation and support, elections, inter-communal violence, and reconciliation and 'transitional justice' with particular reference to Kenya.
Dr Sandra J. MacLean
Simon Fraser University, B.C.  
James Malcolm
Coventry University Maritime security, international terrorism and counter-terrorism efforts, critical infrastructure protection, rising powers and UK foreign, defence and security policy.
Ioannis Mantzikos
King's College London Relations between African and the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, Islam in Africa, state failure, democratisation.
Dr Lesley Masters
University of Johannesburg Diplomacy, foreign policy, global governance.
Dr Sally Matthews
Rhodes University The politics of NGO and development work in Africa, race and racism in South Africa, African political economy, African Studies.
Steph Matti
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Democratic transition, central Africa, parasitology, technological innovations and urbanisation.
Dr Lord Mawuko-Yevugah
Athabasca University, Canada International and comparative political economy; politics of international development; good governance and democratic reform; Critical globalisation theory; Political economy of Africa; North-South Relations.
Dr Mandisa Mbali
Stellenbosch University South African AIDS activism, global health.
Dr Cosmas N Mbuh
Keele University Discourses of Regionalism: Integration, Cooperation and Institutional Politics as practices of the state in Central Africa.
Mairead Mccann
University of Cambridge Namibia.
Dr Christopher McDowell
City University Conflict, development, population displacement and resettlement, East and Southern Africa.
Berouk Mesfin
ISS, Addis Ababa Security/military affairs, intelligence, counterterrorism, conflict prevention mainly in/around the Horn of Africa.
Dr Kurt Mills
Glasgow University Peacekeeping, intervention, humanitarianism, international criminal justice, and human rights in Africa, African Union human rights and peace and security policy.
Edward Mogire
Kingston University, London Migration and security, political violence, militarisation Horn of Africa and Great Lakes region.
Sakawdin Mohamed
Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and Somali Institute for Peace Research (SIPR) Public Policy Research & Analysis, Diaspora Engagement, Peace Research, Post-conflict Policy & Institutional Development, State & Capacity Building, Somali Politics, Stakeholder Analysis and Leadership.
Dr Giles Mohan
The Open University China and Africa, aid policy, participation, diasporic politics, Ghana.
Dama Mosweunyane
University of Sheffield NGOs and sustainable development in Botswana.
Grasian Mkodzongi
Edinburgh University Agrarian Reform and livelihoods in Zimbabwe and southern Africa.
Dr Tanja R. Müller
The University of Manchester Eritrea, elites, revolution, Mozambique, socialist solidarity.
Dr Jude Murison
University of Edinburgh Political Economy of Development, Governance, Human Rights, Migration, Health, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and DRC.
Peg Murray-Evans
University of York EU trade and development policy, Economic Partnership Agreements, Southern Africa, regional integration, African agency.
Grace A. Musila
Stellenbosch University, South Africa African Literature, African Popular Culture, Gender Studies.
Omar Nagati
CLUSTER Cairo Urban Informality, Mapping, Revitalization of City Center, Urban Passages, Street Vendors.
Prof Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni
University of South Africa Modern African History, Africa in the modern world; liberation discourses, governance and human rights, identity and conflict: Zimbabwe and South Africa.
Michael Byron Nelson
Wesleyan University, CT  
Cyril Obi
Christo Odeyemi
Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia BRICS / R2P; UNSC / military intervention; international relations
Selina Odoherty
Newport University Environmentality and international climate change governance, state subjectivity, intervention, and green imperialism using South Africa, DRC and the African Union.
Dr Eleanor O'Gorman
Cambridge University Development aid and conflict; gender, war and violence; conflict prevention and peacebuilding; EU/AU policy and relations on peace and security; Liberia; Zimbabwe.
Dr Chukwumerije Okereke
University of Reading Oil, climate change and environmental security.
Ilemobola Peter Olanrewaju
Covenant University, Nigeria Peace, Conflict and Security in Africa; Regional Security Management; African Value Differences; and Proto-Nationalism.
Dr Paul Omoyefa
National University of Lesotho, Southern Africa Ethics of International relations, Ethics in War and Peace, and Terrorism.
Godwin Onuoha
Human Science Research Council Nationalism, self-determination, identity politics and contemporary social forces in Africa, state, resources and development.
Dr Nkwachukwu Orji
Institute for Development Studies, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus Comparative politics, political institutions (elections, political parties, and federalism), civil society, conflict management, and development issues.
Rikus Oswald
Stellenbosch University Africa in International Relations theory; Constructivism as an approach to studying African International Relations; The State and State Sovereignty in Africa.
Stefan Ouma
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt Marketisation studies, economic sociology, economic geography, global value chains, standards, regional and industrial development, Kenya, Ghana.
Jesse Ovadia
Newcastle University International and comparative political economy, African politics, development theory, state-led development, extractive industry, Nigeria and Angola.
Masumi Owa
University of Warwick Collective action in global governance. Motivation and incentives of actors in OECD DAC and in development aid, focus on UK and Japan as donors, and Uganda as country-level case.
Bonfas Owinga
City University Civil society, governance and democratisation, Kenya and Zambia, foreign aid.
Akinyemi Adebiyi OYAWALE
University of East Anglia Impact of counterterrorism discourses and practices on the security of publics in Nigeria.
Soji Oyeranmi
University of South Africa Environmental History, Diplomatic History, Economic history, African/Nigerian history, Development Studies, and Peace Studies.
Clare Paine
Aberystwyth University The 'revival' of the Cultural Institution, Ker Kwaro, in Acholiland, northern Uganda and role of international development organisations.
Dr Suda Perera
University of Birmingham Armed non-state actors; DR Congo; Protracted migrants; conflict; political settlements.
Helena Perez-Nino
SOAS Political economy, war to peace transitions, agrarian change, Mozambique.
Zoe Pflaeger
Sussex University Discourses of empowerment in development theory and practice with a case study of Kenya's coffee industry; impact of the coffee crisis; farmer empowerment; Fairtrade.
Sukanya Podder
Cranfield Defence and Security Youth, Rebellion, DDR and SSR, Statebuilding, Peacebuilding, Liberia, South Sudan.
Prof Nana K. Poku
University of Bradford  
Marcus Power
University of Durham Post-socialist transformations in Lusophone Southern Africa; geopolitics, aid and African development; post-colonialism and African nationalism.
Dr Sophia Price
Leeds Beckett University Social reproduction; Microfinance; EU-African relations; international trade, development and African regionalisation.
Dr Miriam Prys
GIGA German Institute Global and Area Studies Regional power and hegemony, especially South Africa; regional environmental governance; EU environmental policy and the south.
Dr Róisín Read
Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, University of Manchester NGOs; South Sudan; humanitarianism; post-conflict reconstruction; the politics of aid; the professionalisation of aid; poststructural/postcolonial accounts of knowledge production; legitimacy and accountability; grammatical reading; security; partnership; and risk.
Henry Redwood
King's College London International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.
Ilaria Regondi
University of KwaZuluNatal Global health, HIV/AIDS, Southern Africa.
Ben Richardson
University of Warwick WTO, Economic Partnership Agreements, Preferential Trade, Sugar.
Chris W. J. Roberts
University of Alberta Canadian foreign policy and intervention in Africa; African comparative politics; China and Africa; private sector and natural resource development; security, peace operations, state-building, governance.
Dr Annemarie Peen Rodt
University of Southern Denmark The role of regional organisations in the regulation of violent conflict including comparative analysis of African Union and European Union peace operations.
Dr Laura Routley
Newcastle University Nigerian politics; postcolonial politics; prisons and legal systems in Nigeria, national NGOs as intermediaries; hybridity and the work of Homi Bhabha; imaginaries of the global and the local.
Prof Magnus Ryner
Oxford Brookes University  
Meera Sabaratnam
Cambridge University Post-conflict peacebuilding/statebuilding, IR theory, discourse analysis, post-colonial thought and Southern Africa.
Peer Schouten
University of Gothenburg Private security governance in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Catherine Scott
King's College, London Ideas of the state and state failure, with particular reference to sub-Saharan Africa; political history of Uganda; nationalism and ethno-politics; international security.
Hilah Segal
Ben Gurion University Borders and space among the Rendille in north Kenya.
Norman Sempijja
Kingston University  
Dr Jeggan C. Senghor
Institute of Commonwealth Studies Regional integration in Africa; regional public goods and on non-state actors.
Prof Tim Shaw
University of Massachusetts Boston African conflict/development/regionalisms; the Commonwealth.
Dr Mary Skinner
University of Buckingham  
Michelle Rene Small
University of the Witwatersrand Research: African Non-state violence actors; Private Military and Security Companies (PMSC's); Intra-state conflicts; electoral conflict.
Stefan Smis
VUB, Belgium  
Dr Karen Smith
University of Stellenbosch Africa's marginalisation in IR theory; African and developing world contributions to IR theory; African political thought.
Adam Sneyd
McMaster University, Canada Globalisation, cotton and poverty south of the Sahara.
Luiz Guimarães Sousa
Univesidade de São Paulo, Brazil FRELIMO's use (especially after independence) of literature to build their concept of nation, nationalism and mozambican identity.
Sharath Srinivasan
Cambridge University Politics of international intervention in Africa; political violence and armed conflict; governance and the impact of new communication technologies on political change and governance in Africa; Africa's new international relations; contemporary politics in the Horn and East Africa (especially Sudan).
Ueli Staeger
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Africa and Europe, decolonisation, extraversion (Bayart), regionalised diplomacy.
Oisin Suttle
Hagar Taha
School of Oriental and African Studies Integrating indigenous civil societies in conflict; contexts of intervention and conflict resolution; Darfur and Somaliland.
Rachel Tate
University of Leicester Cross Border Spatial Development in Southern Africa: Emancipation for Whom.
Ian Taylor
St Andrews University Africa's international relations, China-Africa ties, South Africa's foreign policy, Botswana.
Jeremy Taylor
SOAS Sino-Japanese strategic competition in Sudan and South Sudan.
Ape Levi Terna
Green Project International, Bamenda, Cameroon Culture, arts and crafts of Cameroon, especially the North West Region. Also microfinance, business and organisational development.
Dr Thomas Kwasi Tieku
University of Toronto Mediation and diplomacy; global governance and regional institutions; humanitarianism and peacemaking; international political economy; African Union, aid and development.
Kerstin Tomiak
Cardiff University Dynamics in peace building missions, media development as part of peace building initiatives, research methods and methodology.
Karen Treasure
University of Plymouth  
Aya Tsuruta
Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh Ethnic conflict in Rwanda in the late 1950s and early 1960s; IR, the Cold War and Africa.
Mfon Umoren Ekpootu
University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria The historical, social policy and legal dimensions of gender, sexuality, and children's labour power. In particular I have focused on female sexuality in Africa, child labour and gendered migration.
Dr Mary Upton
The Open University Global health governance; HIV/AIDS; civil society; citizenship; South Africa.
Antoinette Valsamakis
University of Birmingham IPE, international trade relations, economic diplomacy, global economic governance, business and global governance and southern Africa.
Evelina Vardanyan
Association of Commonwealth Universities Education and development.
Caroline Varin
Regent's University London and the London School of Economics African security, violent non-state actors, terrorism, trafficking, emerging threats.
Jo-Ansie van Wyk
University of South Africa South African foreign policy and relations; International relations; Environment and security issues; International political economy, nuclear diplomacy and political leadership.
Peter Wakholi
Murdoch University, Australia Performance, African Identities and Community Development.
Dr Michael Walls
Development Planning Unit (DPU), UCL Horn of Africa, Somalia, Somaliland, Ethiopia, political development and state formation, policy in support of livelihoods and equitable economic development, engagement of international actors in the Horn of Africa.
Naomi Weir
University of Nottingham The implementation and incorporation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in Malawi, Kenya and South Africa.
Beth Whitaker
University of North Carolina at Charlotte African international relations; the politics of migration in Africa; US-African relations in the context of the 'war on terror'; regional emphasis on East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya).
Joerg Wiegratz
University of Leeds IPE (including cultural political economy, economic sociology and economic anthropology of 'markets'), global value chains, moral economy, neoliberalism, governmentality, Uganda.
Dr David Williams
Neil James Wilson
City University London Forced Migration, UNHCR, Urbanisation, Urban Refugees.
Dr Paul Williams
Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University Peacekeeping; African Union and other regional organisations; war & conflict; British foreign policy.
Antonia Witt
University of Bremen African Union; Contested Norms in the AU; AU practices on unconstitutional changes of government; international mediation.
Stefanie Wodrig
GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies Politics of regional intervention in East and Southern Africa; post-structuralism and Africa.
Dr Elisa Wynne-Hughes
Cardiff University Tourism, postcolonial governmentalities, popular culture, Middle East/North Africa especially Egypt.
Nansata Yakubu
University of East Anglia ECOWAS, Parliaments and conflict resolution in West Africa; transitional justice in West Africa and Gender in Conflict Resolution.
Dr Helen Yanacopulos
The Open University Civil society, transnational networks, NGOs, social movements, development, conflict, governance.
Dr Tom Young
Dr Leo Zeilig
SAS, University of London Class, protest, resistance, social movements, Fanon, political-economy, capital, accumulation.
Collin Zhuawu
Birmingham University Globalisation, regionalisation and triadisation, incorporating Africa.

BISA Africa and International Studies Working Group