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Existential Analysis

Human Studies: A Journal for Philosophy and the Social Sciences

Journal of Humanistic Psychology

Journal of Phenomenological Psychology

The Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology

Phenomenology & Practice

The Humanistic Psychologist

The new Journal of Metabletica: Inquiries into the Changing Nature of Being-in-the World has been launched. This is a semi-annual journal, with founding editors Dr Marvin F. Zayed and Dr Bertha Mook. The first issue, published in February 2010, was dedicated to the founder of Metabletics, Prof Dr. J. H. van den Berg. Contact the editors at

Note that numerous other general journals publish work on phenomenology applied to the human sciences and many more on phenomenological philosophy. This list only includes those dedicated to human sciences research.


Qualitative Methods in Psychology Section, British Psychological Society

The Section aims to raise the profile of qualitative methods in psychology research and teaching. It provides a network for psychologists, extending collaboration possibilities, sharing expertise and offering training opportunities to members.

Society for Existential Analysis (SEA)

The SEA provides a forum for the expression of views and the exchange of ideas amongst those interested in the analysis of existence from philosophical and psychological perspectives. Founded in 1988 by Emmy van Deurzen, the society is comprised of a network of professionals and students, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and philosophers from the United Kingdom, as well as internationally. Existential Analysis is the society journal, published biannually.

Society for Humanistic Psychology - Division 32, American Psychological Association

The Society for Humanistic Psychology recognises the full richness of the human experience. Its foundations include philosophical humanism, existentialism, and phenomenology. The Society seeks to contribute to psychotherapy, education, theory/philosophy, research, organisation, management, social responsibility, and change. The Humanistic Psychologist is the society journal, published quarterly.

Society for Phenomenology & the Human Sciences (SPHS)

The SPHS is concerned with the continuing theoretical development and practical application of the phenomenological tradition in the human sciences. SPHS encourages the application of phenomenological methodology to specific concrete investigations within the human and social sciences. The diverse fields represented in the membership of the Society include anthropology, communication studies, counselling, education, ethnography, ethnomethodology, geography, history, linguistics, nursing, pedagogy, philosophy, political theory, psychology, social theory, and sociology.


Phenomenology Online

Public access to articles, monographs and other materials discussing and exemplifying phenomenological research.

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