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Prof Kenneth Thompson




Professor Thompson is a Visiting Scholar at UCLA, Spring 2005, and Visiting Professor at Yale University, Winter-Spring 2006.

External positions

Member of the Executive Committee, International Sociological Association; Co-ordinator of ISA 4th Worldwide Competition for Young Sociologists.

Associate Editor, Durkheimian Studies; member of editorial boards of Sociological Theory, and Journal of Classical Sociology.

Professional affiliations

American Sociological Association
British Sociological Association
International Sociological Association

Research interests

Culture, media and identities; cultural governance; ethnicity; French social theory.

Associate member of the ESRC Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change, Open University/Manchester University; and the Centre for Cultural Sociology, Yale University.

Recent publications

'Sociology and Christianity' in J. Bowden (ed.), Christianity: A Complete Guide, London and New York, Continuum Books, 2005.

'Introductory Essay' to K. Thompson (ed.), The Early Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, London, Routledge, 8 vols., 2005.

'Durkheimian Cultural Sociology and Cultural Studies', Thesis Eleven, no. 79, Nov. 2004, 16-24.

'Emile Durkheim' entry in ENCARTA (Microsoft Encyclopedia), 2004.

'Introductory Essay' to K. Thompson (ed.), The Early Sociology of Culture, London, Routledge, 8 vols., 2003, pp. vii-xxii.

‘Introductory Essay’ to K. Thompson (ed.), The Early Sociology of Management and Organizations, London, Routledge, 8 vols., 2003, pp. V-xxi.

‘Border Crossings and Diasporic Identities: Media Use and Leisure Practices of an Ethnic Minority’ in Qualitative Sociology, vol. 25, no. 3, 2002, pp. 409-18.

'Introduction' to W.S.F. Pickering (ed.), Durkheim Today, New York and Oxford, Berghahn Books, 2002.

'Cultural Studies, Critical Theory and Cultural Governance', in International Sociology, vol. 16, no. 4, 2001, pp. 593-606.

A repository of research publications and other research outputs can be viewed at The Open University's Open Research Online.

Last updated: 8 January 2013