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Dr Martin Thirkettle

Dr Martin Thirkettle

Lecturer in Psychology



Ba, Psychology, University of Sussex (2001-2004)
PhD, Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol (2006-2009)

Course development and teaching

I am a member of the presentation team for the module Cognitive Psychology (DD303).

Research interests

My research interests lie in the way perceptual information is collected, processed, and used in cognitive mechanisms to produce behaviour. I use visual psychophysics and the high level of stimulus and experimental control that provides to study what information is available to cognitive systems, and how this constrains and enables subsequent mental processes. By applying the insights of fundamental perceptual processing, my work reveals the impact of these processes on cognitive mechanisms and real world behaviour.

I am also part of the Forensic Psychology Research Group where I work closely with Prof Graham Pike, Dr Nicky Brace, Dr Catriona Havard, Dr Jim Turner, Dr Hayley Ness and Dr Gini Harrison.

Recent publications

A selection of my research publications can be viewed at The Open University's Open Research Online.

Stafford T, Thirkettle M, Walton T, Vautrelle N, Hetherington L, et al. (2012) A Novel Task for the Investigation of Action Acquisition. PLoS ONE 7(6): e37749.

Thirkettle, M., Scott-Samuel, N.E., & Benton, C.P. (2010), Form overshadows 'opponent motion' information in processing of biological motion from point light walker stimuli. Vision research, 50:118-126.

Thirkettle, M., Benton C. P., & Scott-Samuel N.E. (2009), Contributions of form, motion and task to biological motion perception., Journal of Vision, 9:1-11.

Thirkettle, M. (2007). Foundations of perception. Perception, 36(2), 318-320. (Book Review)

Conference abstracts

Thirkettle, M., Walton T., Gurney, K., Redgrave, P., & Stafford, T. (2011), Learning the long way round: Action learning based on visual signals unavailable to the superior colliculus is impaired. Perception, 40, ECVP Abstract Supplement.

Thirkettle, M., Scott-Samuel, N.E., & Benton, C.P. (2010). Form information in the perception of biological motion heading. Perception, 39(2). AVA Abstract Supplement.

Thirkettle, M., Scott-Samuel, N.E., & Benton, C.P. (2009). Dances with Gabors: Contour integration and form in biological motion. Journal of Vision, 9(8): 613, VSS Abstract Supplement.

Thirkettle, M., Scott-Samuel, N. E., & Benton, C.P. (2009). A role for contour integration in biological motion processing. Perception, 38(3). AVA Abstract Supplement.

Thirkettle, M., Benton, C.P., & Scott-Samuel, N.E. (2008). True to form: a reduced role for motion in biological motion. Perception, 37, ECVP 2008 Abstract Supplement.

Rojas-Anaya, H., Thirkettle M., & Nijhawan R. (2005). Flash-lag anisotropy for movement in three domains. Perception, 34, ECVP 2005 Abstract Supplement.

A repository of research publications and other research outputs can be viewed at The Open University's Open Research Online.

Last updated: 16 September 2013