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Migrant mothers caring for the future

Creative interventions in making new citizens

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Participatory Theatre

We have been undertaking participatory theatre workshop with a group of migrant mothers, where they constructed dramatic scenes of their choice on the topic of migration and mothering, using playback and forum theatre techniques (Boal 1979). The workshops re-imagine migrant mothers' caring and citizenship practices through performance practice.

These methods propose interventions in the participants' cultural and social context, producing interactive, emotionally as well as culturally rich data. Through participatory theatre's creative articulations of how migrant mothers 'enact citizenship', the research network co-produces theoretical and empirical knowledge with the migrant mothers, establishing a dialogical space where narratives of citizenship from 'marginalised' groups can challenge and rupture existing narratives of citizenship, as suggested by the theoretical notion of 'enacting citizenship'. The techniques of playback and forum theatre, as well as the reflections and discussions of participants about the scenes allow for an enactment of differences and conflicts between them, as well as recognition of shared positionings.

Migrant Mothers: Mother and daughter at home
Migrant Mothers: Making a case to a panel
Migrant Mothers: Hard Choices
Migrant Mothers: The GP waiting room
Migrant Mothers: First day in London
Migrant Mothers: At the community centre
Migrant Mothers: A day in my life

Last updated: 29 June 2022

Final Conference

18-19 September 2014
Migrant mothers caring for the future: creative interventions in making new citizens, London South Bank University.

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