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Poverty Reduction and Regional Integration

A comparative analysis of SADC and UNASUR health policies

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Southern regionalisms, Global agendas: Innovating inclusive access to health and medicines in a context of social inequity, 4th December 2015, an international conference organised and hosted by The Open University, Milton Keynes.

The global system that has emerged in the early 21st century has generated vigorous debates amongst scholars, policy-makers and activists worldwide about how to enhance social standards, extend the coverage of social provision, strengthen health systems, and improve population health, well-being and security. These debates, long aired in national spheres of governance, are also now being taken to regional fora where state and non-state actors are mobilising around a set of policy agendas that ask how regional integration can be harnessed to support social equity in development. Read more.

Speakers and papers include:

Global social regionalisms: innovating research and policy agendas (Nicola Yeates, The Open University)

The Poverty of Regionalism: what do Southern African and South American regionalisms tell us about poverty reduction through health governance and diplomacy? (Pía Riggirozzi, Southampton University)

SADC Pharmaceuticals Programme: mandate, policies, strategies, initiatives and issues addressed in the region (Joseph Mthetwa, Southern African Development Community Secretariat)

Universal access to medicines in UNASUR: Price Database and Mapping of Productive Capacities (Mariana Faria, Institute for South American Health Governance)

Regional health governance and participatory monitoring systems (Ana.B. Amaya, Stephen Kingah, Phillipe de Lombaerde, United Nations University Institute for Comparative Regional Integration Studies)

Regional health governance and participatory monitoring systems: Reflections on experiences and issues arising during research (Themba Moeti, Health Systems Trust)

Panel sessions:

  • Access to health and medicines: regional diplomacy for inclusive development?
  • Embedding social equity and health in regional governance: participatory approaches
  • Implementing the SDGs on health and poverty: what role for regions?
  • Innovating regional and inter-regional action for universal health and social protection coverage: what is to be done?

Conference agenda

Participants from global agencies, research institutes, universities, regional organisations and non-governmental organisations spanning Belgium, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, Switzerland, UK and the US.

Conference photos:

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Please note this event is by invitation only. If you would like further information about this conference please contact the conference organisers:

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