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Poverty Reduction and Regional Integration

A comparative analysis of SADC and UNASUR health policies

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Our Team

We are a multi-disciplinary team with an extensive track record of completing primary research and theoretical analysis in the field of global policy research. We link social and health policy analysts concerned with health care system strengthening and social equity, with international integration scholars concerned with the socio-institutional foundations and consequences of regionalism, regionalisation processes, and with policy-making in spheres of cross-border governance, with area studies specialists concerned with the politics, economies, societies and cultures of South America and Southern Africa.

The project team is an international collaboration between researchers spanning across Africa (South African Institute of International Affairs, South Africa), South America (FLACSO, Argentina), and Europe (United Nations University Institute for Comparative Regional Integration Studies, Belgium, the Open University and Southampton University in the UK).

The Advisory Group comprises policy makers, practitioners, activists and researchers with expertise in regional governance, health and poverty.

last Updated: 5 March 2019