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Student Charter and Essential Documents

The OU Student Charter


 by Professor Tim Blackman, Acting Vice-Chancellor and Ruth Tudor, OU Students Association President

The Open University is more than just a place of learning - it is a community. As members of the community we have responsibilities to each other, responsibilities which, if we all meet them, will allow our student members to achieve their full potential.

This charter, developed jointly by the University and the OU Students Association, sets out what the responsibilities are and what we can all expect of each other. Although it gives links to the OU and Students Association regulations and policies, it is a declaration of values rather than a rule book. It describes the way in which the members of the OU - staff and students - should work together so that everyone can benefit.

As the University changes and evolves, so too do our responsibilities as members. We will review this Charter every year to ensure it reflects our current needs and challenges, while continuing to support the key aim of helping all our students to succeed.

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