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Education (no 2) Act 1986 - Open University Students Association - freedom of speech

Appendix 2 of the OU-OU Students Association Relationship Agreement sets out the Code of Practice required under Section 43 of the Education (no 2) Act 1986 relating to freedom of speech in so far as it is relevant to the activities and conduct of Open University Students Association.

Education Act 1994 – code of practice, student unions

The requirement, under Section 22 of the 1994 Education Act, for a code of practice which sets out the steps which the Open University Council is taking to secure that the Open University Students Association operates in a fair and democratic manner and is accountable for its finances, is met by the OU-OUSA Relationship agreement.

Employability Policy Statement, Student

This policy outlines the University's approach to employability development for registered students and should be read in conjunction with the Careers Advisory Service statement of service provided by the University.

Equality - The Open University Equality Scheme

Our vision and principles remain at the heart of our Equality Scheme, with its stated aims being to eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation, to promote and advance equality of opportunity, and to promote and foster good relations between people.  The Equality Scheme informs staff, students and other stakeholders about the University’s legal duties, individual responsibilities and arrangements for managing different aspects of equality.

The link takes you to the Equality and Diversity area, where you can find the full Equality Scheme 2016-2020, the University’s associated objectives and the action plan.

Ethical use of Student Data for Learning Analytics Policy

This policy aims to set out how the University will use student data in an ethical way in order to shape the student support provided.  The policy is based around eight key principles, each of which is linked to particular aspects of learning analytics.

For more information, see How the OU uses student data.

Exceptional examination arrangements for non-disabled students

The Open University offers to provide additional examination arrangements for students who are carers for a disabled person, who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or who are disadvantaged as a result of a temporary illness or accident.