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Gender Identity Policy and Guidance

This document outlines the policy and guidance that applies to current and former students who inform the University that they have made, or intend to make, the transition to a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth. OU staff should be familiar with this document when supporting transgender students.

Graduate School Network

The Graduate School Network (GSN) contains the essential documents for research students, for all stages of your registration from induction through to graduation.  Here you can find all the forms to support your studies, for example progress report templates, probation assessment forms, and forms to request financial support or suspension of your studies, as well as guidelines on probation, examination and other processes.  News and information relevant to research students is updated regularly.  The GSN is also your portal to training and development resources, the Vitae Research Developer Framework planning tool, and online skills development modules.

To visit the Graduate School Network, visit

Our student handbooks tell you about the services available to you, the regulations and terms and conditions that apply to research degree students, and provde advice about what to do at key points in your studies.

If you are registered directly with The Open University, your handbook is at

If you are registered with The Open University through the ARC (Affiliated Research Centre) programme, your handbook is at

Guidance: Information, advice and guidance - statement of service

The OU offers impartial advice for prospective, past and current students on a variety of topics, including: support during your studies, advice on qualifications and modules, and services offered to enable you to study effectively if you have a disability or additional requirement.

Guidance: Information, advice and guidance policy

This document sets out our policy on delivering information, advice and guidance to prospective, past and current students.