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Our statements of service

Academic Freedom Principles Statement

This is a University statement of academic freedom principles. It ensures that the OU community has a common understanding of what academic freedom means for the University, and the responsibilities that come with that freedom. 

Careers and Employability Services - statement of service

An outline of the advice and guidance available from Careers and Employability Services, whose mission is to empower OU students to recognise their potential and achieve their personal, educational or career goals in the changing world of work and lifelong learning. 

Gender Identity Policy and Guidance

This document outlines the policy and guidance that applies to current and former students who inform the University that they have made, or intend to make, the transition to a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth. OU staff should be familiar with this document when supporting transgender students.

Information, advice and guidance - statement of service

The OU offers impartial advice for prospective, past and current students on a variety of topics, including: support during your studies, advice on qualifications and modules, and services offered to enable you to study effectively if you have a disability or additional requirement.

Library Services Statement of Service

This is a statement of what students can expect from Library Services; introducing students to the OU Library’s mission and giving students guidance on what is available and how to get best use of the services in order to support their learning.


Open University Student Accessibility Policy

The Open University Student Accessibility Policy confirms the OU’s approach to promoting accessibility and ensuring that all of our students are effectively supported in achieving success in Higher Education.

Open University Students Association - Relationship Agreement

The OU-OUSA Relationship Agreement sets out how the OU and Open University Students Association will work together:

  1. Under our Student Charter principle, to secure the University’s mission (being open to people, places, methods and ideas) and to promote the University’s values (being inclusive, innovative and responsive).

  2. To support Open University Students Association’s objectives for the advancement of OU students’ education, set out in the Open University Students Association Constitution

  3. To ensure that Open University Students Association operates in a fair and democratic manner, and is accountable for its finances.

The OU-OU Students Association Relationship Agreement complies with the statutory requirements for the Code of Practice under section 22(3) of the Education Act 1994.

Student Charter

The Student Charter, developed jointly by the University and the OU Students Association, sets out what the responsibilities of members of the OU community are and what we can all expect of each other. It is a declaration of values rather than a rule book. It describes the way in which the members of the OU - staff and students - should work together so that everyone can benefit.

Student Employability Policy Statement

This policy outlines the University's approach to employability development for registered students and should be read in conjunction with the Careers Advisory Service statement of service provided by the University.

Student Pregnancy and Maternity: Policy and Guidance

This document outlines the policy and guidance that applies to students who are might need support because their study is affected by pregnancy, maternity, paternity, adoption, fostering or in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment.

Student Religion and Belief: Policy and Guidance

This policy outlines the support available to students whose religion or beliefs may have an impact on their studies.

Tutor Support Statement

This statement was written for students, to expand on aspects of the Student Charter which relate to the relationship between students and their tutors.