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Student Charter and Essential Documents

Freya Schotte

The Open University’s Student Charter describes the ways in which the OU community works together to allow our student members to achieve their full potential. The Student Charter’s values are set out in 4 Principles – and you can see one of these Principles brought to life in the student story below.

Principle 2: We aim to inspire and enable learning

As staff members of an academic community, we provide a higher education curriculum which provides choice, makes learning and research accessible and meets the needs of our students and the societies in which they live and work.

Freya's story

Image of Freya Schotte I live in Belgium and I’m currently studying for the BA English Language and Literature. I have already completed four modules and am now in the middle of my fifth one.

After finishing ‘high school’, I tried a study of interpreter/translator English/Russian. But this was not really my thing, so I stopped studying and went to work in a local supermarket. Meanwhile, I was trying to find my ideal course but this proved to be quite a challenge. In Belgium, you cannot study English on its own, you have to study another language together with English. So I was sort of giving up on finding a place to study, but then my mum’s colleague, who is English, told me about The Open University and finally I found what I had been looking for all along. Every English course I looked at I found interesting and so I signed up to start in February 2011. Also this degree is of more value to future employers because I study part time and I also have a part time job, it shows you can be organised and disciplined.

I use the OU Anywhere app a lot because via this app I can read all the books digitally, watch all the DVDs and listen to all the CDs on the go. Also, when you are searching a certain passage you have read before but can’t seem to find, you can search for key words in the app. It makes your study life much easier and more efficient; you can use your time to actually study and write your assignments. Also, it is nice that The OU is keeping up with new technologies.

Throughout all the courses I have done the support has been amazing. You can always ask any questions through email or on the Tutor forums and the tutors will always help you as much as they can. Starting this degree was the best thing I could have done. It gave me a purpose in life and it made me see that school is not necessarily tedious as I had experienced it before and I am really enjoying it.