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Student Charter and Essential Documents

We aim to inspire and enable learning

As staff members of an academic community, we:

  • provide a higher education curriculum which provides choice, makes learning and research accessible and strives to meet the needs of our students and the societies in which they live and work;
  • provide high quality distance learning materials and doctoral training, and aim to support each student in a way that is appropriate for them to develop as an engaged and independent learner or researcher;
  • develop and take advantage of new technologies which enable people to learn in a way that meets their individual needs, providing a flexible method of learning that fits with students’ lives and commitments and that helps to overcome barriers to study;
  • maintain high academic standards through fair and challenging assessment;
  • advance our knowledge and understanding through research and scholarly activity which contributes to the global research community, is conducted to a high ethical standard, and enhances the reputation of the University as a centre of academic excellence.
  • provide timely and accurate information, including any changes we make which affect the student experience, such as information about the cost of study and the curriculum.