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Student Charter and Essential Documents

We work together to secure the University’s mission and to promote the University’s values

to be open to people, to places, to methods and to ideas; to be inclusive, innovative and responsive.

As members of a collaborative community, we all:

  • make this Charter and its principles the fundamental reference point in the development of University strategies, policies, procedures, programmes and projects that relate to the student experience;
  • actively promote and support the right of students to participate in the governance of the University through the Open University Students Association;
  • actively support the Open University Students Association to engage with all its members to foster a vibrant student community and to promote their educational and social interests;
  • consult each other, encourage participation and welcome constructive feedback to enhance the student experience. We communicate with each other when and where feedback has been acted on, or where change is not possible, communicate the reason why this has not happened;
  • maintain and enhance the standards and reputation of our University,recognising the contributions that all members make to its success ;
  • commit to an economically and environmentally sustainable future for our University;
  • provide and make use of fair and open means to deal with our concerns and grievances and to learn from them to improve what we do;
  • encourage graduates and former students to continue to be part of the OU community through the Alumni Association.