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assessing your educational needs

The Open University Access Centre

Due to a steady decline in assessment numbers over several years, the OU Access Centre closed on Friday 28 April 2017. Any students requiring a needs assessment after this date will be able to book an appointment with an alternative assessment centre. 

The decision to close was made following Government policy changes to centralise the administration of the Disabled Students' Allowance, and a steady decline in assessment numbers, with just 20 per cent of them being OU students.

Where should I go to book a needs assessment appointment?

Please visit the DSA Quality Assurance Group website at where you can enter your residential or college/university address to find an alternative assessment centre near you.

I was originally assessed by the Open University Access Centre and now have an additional support request, how do I speak with my assessor?

Please email with a description of your request. A member of the team will contact you to discuss the matter further.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Access Centre office on 0300 303 8683 or email us at