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Professional and Academic Communication in English (PACE)

Postgraduate workshops on academic writing, reading and presenting

Co-ordinator: Dr Jackie Tuck, School of Languages and Applied Linguistics, WELS.

For registration and further details, contact:

Who are these sessions for? These sessions are aimed at postgraduate research students who would like to develop their use of academic English. For example, you may be someone who feels unfamiliar or out of practice with academic conventions, you may be a user of English as an additional language, you may want to spend some time considering the specialist discourse and genres you are expected to use over the coming year. If so, come along to the sessions listed below.

Where and when are the sessions held? The sessions are held in Seminar 7 (2nd Floor of the Library) on Wednesday mornings, in the regular slot 10.30-12.30. Unless otherwise stated below.

You can download this PACE handout which has a schedule, session breakdowns and team bionotes.

PACE online resources

In addition to workshop sessions, the PACE team have also produced some online resources available to all postgraduate researchers, but perhaps particularly useful for those based at a distance from Milton Keynes who may find it difficult to access face-to-face sessions. These resources are specifically designed to offer guidance and activities to help you develop your academic writing for research. The resource is organised into five sections:

1.    Communities and identities

2.    Writing processes and practices

3.    Genres

4.    Language and discourse

5.    Your academic voice

These resources are designed to be used as a reference resource, i.e. you can focus in on one particular topic or query e.g. how to go about writing a conference abstract or the different ways you can structure arguments. However, you can also chose to work through them more systematically as an online training course.